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Should Your Law Firm Go Paperless?

July 8, 2021

For lawyers and attorneys, being flooded with paperwork is a part of the day-to-day operations. Confidential information, contracts, invoices, legal documents, the list goes on! It can all get unorganized very quickly. It’s for this reason, we are seeing more law firms switch to the Cloud, a paperless alternative.

Switching to a virtual desktop can help you and your law firm become more productive, efficient, and organized. Becoming an e-lawyer can even help you attract eco-conscious clients and boost your triple bottom line.

At Rekall Technologies, we’ll ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. You can look forward to a more efficient law office filing system with a positive environmental impact.
If you’re still asking yourself if you should go paperless, take note why:

Cut Costs

The benefit of working digitally is that you can significantly lower your costs. According to Record Nations, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year where 45% of the printed paper ends up trashed by the end of the day. So you’re literally throwing money away. With a paperless system, this cost is reduced significantly.

When you transition your firm to the cloud, your company’s cloud migration will be organized and managed by one of our on-boarding specialists. Our technicians will move your data, applications, databases and even your email if you opt in for an email migration. Our technicians will recreate your entire infrastructure from your desktop items, printers, scanners and Outlook settings. Rekall will take care of it all.

Secure Data

We are aware of the ethical responsibility attorneys must uphold in order to securely store confidential client data. As a private cloud service provider, we share this responsibility as well. Security services include dual Tier III data facilities with complete redundancy between Ohio and New Jersey. Our facilities offer a 99.995% SLA. Protecting the Rekall Cloud are enterprise-level firewalls, redundant backup assignments to both facilities, antivirus & anti-Ransomware services as well as intrusion prevention and detection services. Rekall Cloud offers the perfect blend of military & bank-grade security.

Easy Collaboration

Remote working is here to stay. Instead of having to run into the office to grab an essential file, rather instantly access these files through an online system crafted towards your firm and your clients. Furthermore, multiple users can access the documents as needed too. This ensures that teamwork is maintained regardless of if you’re working from home or from the office.

We are the Nation’s #1 Legal IT Services & Private Cloud for Law Firms. Our Cloud Solutions eliminate your law firm servers, move your work to virtual desktops in the cloud, and allow you to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Keep Your Law Firms Data Secure With A Mobile Device Policy

June 24, 2021

Data security is something extremely important to law firms nationwide, at Rekall Tech, we understand that, which is why we are here to make your life easier. Mobile technology has particularly boomed because many of us have been working remotely. As most people in the legal industry use the same mobile device for work and personal use, many law firms have started implementing a mobile device policy for law firms. This is to allow employees to use their own personal devices for both while still keeping your law firm protected.

Creating a BYOD policy

Using the feedback and recommendations from data security professionals, draft an effective mobile device policy for law firms including clear rules and protocols for personal device use. For example: what devices are allowed or who has access to what. It’s important to include clear defined data monitoring legal practices for your IT staff, so they know what they should monitor and, more importantly, what they shouldn’t.

Your mobile device policy should have clearly defined protocols in the event of lost or stolen devices, termination of a contract, or any other potential data breaches. This may include “wiping the device” (e.g., rendering firm data, such as client data, unreadable) with the help of mobile device management (MDM) software. You should also make sure that your staff is aware of the dos and don’ts of cybersecurity (e.g., phishing, malware, email, social media).

Make Sure To:

Restrict access to your firm’s data by requiring strong passwords, limiting user access to certain types of data to protect the client, and requiring multi-factor authentication.
Encrypt data on all devices.
Backup your cases (including closed ones) using a HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud server.

Before implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, make sure to discuss it with your team. Find out their preferences (e.g., what devices they use or which sites they visit) and then encourage them to submit suggestions and voice any concerns they might have.

We are the Nation’s #1 Legal IT Services & Private Cloud for Law Firms. Rekall Technologies is the Legal centric Private Cloud & Managed IT services provider for law firms of any size, nationwide.

IT for Law Firms: How Managed IT Services Help Big and Small Law Firms

June 2, 2021

Technology is probably one of the last things on a lawyer’s mind, but in today’s highly digital world, being tech-savvy and safe is important for the success of your law firm.

Hoping that the one person on your team is really good with computers and will be able to solve any tech issues your team may have isn’t the best IT strategy. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to start using our IT managed services for your law firm;

Lower Operating Costs

Small and large firms have to keep a close eye on their budgets. The cost to employ in-house IT support can easily surpass $100,000 annually. Unfortunately, the support staff is not available 24/7 and is unlikely to possess the depth of knowledge necessary to support the many different technologies. Rekall’s Legal IT Services gives law firms big and small, round-the-clock access to an entire team of certified IT experts for a quarter of the cost of internal IT staff.

Maximized Productivity

They say time is money and that’s especially true for lawyers and attorneys alike. Whether it’s a forgotten password, server failure, or an app that’s not responding as it should, they simply can’t afford to experience significant downtime. System breakdowns can be particularly costly, in terms of lost productivity and business disruption. Issues like this are no problem for our Rekall Team. We understand how crucial it is for minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity. Updating and modernizing a practice’s IT infrastructure can help maximize billing hours by reducing the risk of underperforming applications.


The protocols required for law firms to stay compliant can be quite complicated. Legal practices that handle credit cards must comply with PCI-DSS security standards. Attorneys dealing with clients’ medical records are subject to stringent HIPAA regulations. Failure to comply can result in fines and penalties for the law firms, as well as an increased likelihood of data breach. Rekall’s legal IT management agencies will keep you updated on the latest regulations and compliance laws, so there’s NEVER any issues.

24/7 Support

In bigger law firms, an in-house IT team may be tasked with monitoring environments for threats, handling day-to-day technical operations, and working on achieving the practice’s strategic IT goals. If any of these is overlooked, the firm could end up compromising on security, productivity, or growth.

Small-to-medium-sized law firms often cannot afford to employ round-the-clock IT staff, nor do they have the budget to invest in the fancy hardware and software necessary to manage dedicated cyberattacks. In either case, it makes sense to enlist the services of a reputable IT services provider. We also offer 24/7/365 help desk support for any law firm clients, an added value for an industry in which extended downtime equals lost revenue.

By partnering using a reputable managed services provider, like Rekall Tech’s Legal IT Services, law firms big and small can entrust the day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure to a team of highly skilled IT professionals who specialize in working with legal organizations. This frees up attorneys and other staff to focus on the business of practicing law, without having to worry about their network failing them.

Lawyers & Cloud Computing: It’s Not So Complicated

June 2, 2021

The Cloud has become a well trusted technology

We’ve seen major moves in the legal industry shifting to cloud technology now more than ever. Why? One of the changes brought on by the pandemic is a significant increase in the numbers of law firms operating remotely. Firms have accelerated a shift towards using cloud technology to help staff work together and deliver client needs to help benefit their businesses.

To name a few, converting to predictable operating costs and the ability to access data anywhere, at any time, and on any device are amongst the top of the list of must haves. In the next few years we predict that the vast majority of law firms will full-heartedly embrace the cloud, and legal survey stats prove that to be accurate.

The ILTA 2020 Technology Survey mentions that one of the noteworthy trends was cloud technology acceptance. Participants were asked how to describe their cloud philosophy and;
21% reported that their firms were mostly in the cloud.
35% shared that their firms philosophy was to transition to the cloud with every software upgrade.
33% shared that their firms were considering cloud software.

Clients want improved collaboration with the firms they work with and the level of collaboration they want, given so much being done virtually now, this is supported best with cloud software for your law firm. Clients want to see more efficient and effective ways to get things done. Many firms have already started to use cloud technology prior to the pandemic with hosted email and document management systems. Both communication and collaboration tools are critical to a law firm’s success, and even more so with remote work.

Work from home has drastically increased and with the flexibility to work remote, this trend may here to stay for a while. Cloud technology allows those in your firm to access mission-critical data and software from anywhere, anytime. Not only is this vital right now, but if/when travel picks back up, having your technology in the cloud will make access for your staff seamless on any device.

The costs of cloud technology provides firms an amazing opportunity to ditch the large upfront software costs, and start utilizing predictable monthly costs. Cloud technology ensures lower costs through higher utilization and scale.

We have the solution for law firms big and small. Rekall Tech is the #1 Cloud chosen provider for law firms nationwide. We eliminate your office servers by providing virtual private cloud solutions for your law firm. Via virtual desktops, we host all of your data, applications, and email in the cloud and accessible anywhere, from any device.

3 Important Data Security Considerations for Law Firms

June 2, 2021

Today’s lawyers know that most confidential data isn’t just stored in folders and filing cabinets. It’s saved as dozens of files on their computer or mobile device, and unfortunately, hackers know that too. In fact, the American Bar Association reported that 42 percent of law firms with up to 100 employees have experienced a data breach. That’s why getting the right data security system is a must for protecting your law firm, attorneys and clients.

Here are three things to consider when protecting your law firm’s data.

1. Policies and Procedures Based on Jurisdiction

The laws and regulations that apply to your law firm depend on what type of data your organization hosts and what legal jurisdictions it falls under. You may have to follow certain rules that dictate when you need to notify your clients about a data breach, how you need to store specific data and so on. For example, if you have health information in the United States, you must follow the HIPAA requirements.

2. The Value of Your Data

How you protect your data depends on how valuable it is. The more valuable it is, the more likely hackers are willing to go to great lengths to steal your data. That’s why it’s important to first divide your data up into levels of value and confidentiality, and then develop separate protection protocols for each.

3. Where Your Data is Located

When it comes to the encryption of your data, your firm has to consider a few characteristics: what type of data is it, where is it located and how valuable is it? How you answer each of these questions will affect the type of encryption. If your law firm’s staff stores confidential data on their phones, what would happen if they were to lose their phone? Will you encrypt your data in transit, at rest or both? These are all questions you need to answer when determining your data security.

At Rekall Technologies, we understand the importance of a security system you can rely on. That’s why our clients trust us with protecting their firm’s important data. Contact us today, or read more information about data protection on our blog!

3 Things Lawyers Need to Know About Cloud Computing

May 3, 2021

3 Things Lawyers Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now a concept that’s familiar to most lawyers and with that increased familiarity comes trust. For evidence of this you need look no further than the results of the ABA Legal Technology Survey Report.

According to the report, in 2018, 31% of lawyers that were surveyed advised that the primary reason that their firms made the move from premise-based software to private cloud-based software was because it provided better security than they were able to provide in-office. Because lawyers are increasingly trusting cloud computing softwares, it should be no surprise that the results of the report also showed that the majority of lawyers (55%) are now using cloud computing software tools for law-related tasks.

If your firm isn’t yet on board, but you’re interested in learning more about Rekall Technology’s private cloud services for law firms, then you’ve come to the right place!


1) There are a number of downsides to storing your firm’s data on a server located in your law firm. The biggest drawback? Cost. Servers cost a lot of money to purchase and maintain. And on top of all that, guess what? You’ll need to retain the services of an IT pro to install and maintain your firm’s servers, which is yet another added expense.

For starters, cloud computing is more cost-effective, in part because the initial costs of moving to the cloud are far lower than purchasing a server. Our private cloud computing also provides offsite backup storage, which offers any number of benefits, not the least of which is a built-in disaster plan for your firm’s data.

Remote Access

2) Another added benefit: remote access is a breeze with core private cloud computing, since all data stored in the cloud is accessible using any internet-enabled device. The remote access features also makes it much easier when it comes to outsourcing your firm’s work, since you’re able to grant the person you’re working with access to only specific documents or files, as opposed to your entire firm’s system (which is your only option when all data is stored on servers located in your office).

Easy to Scale

3) Last but not least, cloud-based computing is also easy to scale. So as your firm grows, it’s a simple matter of buying more cloud storage space and/or new user subscriptions to your cloud-based legal software.

Rekall Technologies is the #1 private cloud solutions provider for law firms. Our private cloud solutions eliminate your law firm servers, move your work to virtual desktops in the cloud, and allow you to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Contact us today to get started.

PCLaw Case Management Software Review (2021 Edition)

March 23, 2021

PCLaw Case Management Software Review (2021 Edition)

If you’re on the market for case management software, the chances are that you’ve come across countless options that claim to be top-class, such as PCLaw. But are they? The only way of telling that is by learning about their core features, benefits, and drawbacks. If the software has sleek, modern features and the pros outweigh the cons, then we see no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

Today, we focus solely on PCLaw. Does it have what it takes to streamline your firm’s activities and functions like billing, accounting, securing matter information, and case management? This PCLaw review demystifies the good, the bad, and the downright ugly about PCLaw case management software. But first, what is PCLaw?

PCLaw Overview

PCLaw is a LexisNexis creation (though it has since been sold to another entity). Until the purchase, PCLaw qualified as one of the best Law Practice Management Software (LPMS) on the market, with many clients applauding it for its resourcefulness. It was regarded as one of the top software for billing and accounting functions, but the recent change in ownership and management poses risks of the software losing market share.

Overall, PCLaw is still a top software for law firms looking for a solution to manage client payments to keep the cash flows high and ensure that no outstanding balances go uncollected. More so, we like the fact that the software has preset programs, enabling you to email your clients LEDES-formated bills for faster payments. It also has an expense tracking system that analyzes the periodical performance and ensures that you spend within budget.

But as we mentioned, PCLaw is not short of drawbacks as reviews and testimonials indicate some levels of dissatisfaction among users (more details below). Nonetheless, let’s learn about some of PCLaw’s core features that put it on the map with other competing case management software.

PCLaw Key Features

Besides billing and accounting, this software comes with other features that make it complete. Let’s take an in-depth look at them to determine how PCLaw functions.

Billing and Accounting

Billing and accounting are PCLaw’s greatest selling points, making it rank above similar case management software for the specific functions. The features streamline and remove the hassle of managing vendor payments, tracking business expenses, and accessing checks from banks or trusts. Furthermore, you can leverage these capabilities to balance your accounts within a few clicks and gauge performance by comparing returns vs. expenses.

Case/Matter Management

PCLaw’s matter management feature encompasses all aspects of corporate legal practice and all law firm-related activities. Unlike other software that usually targets specific practice areas, PCLaw is a one-for-all case management hub. You can organize all pieces of information under one roof for easy access.

Event & Case Tracking

PCLaw tracks your calendar appointments and sends timely reminders so that you never miss important meetings or deadlines. The software’s dashboard is exceptionally resourceful and well organized. It enables you to quickly toggle between My Business, My Clients, and My Practice to keep tabs with the goings-on.

Mobile Integration

Besides windows desktop, PCLaw is also accessible on a mobile device through the web. So whether you’re at the office or meeting a client in the country, you can still record billable hours and access vital matter cases by logging in the client’s number, matter description, matter number, or type of law.

Whether you're selling a product or offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there's nothing more important than customer experience and satisfaction.

PCLaw Case Management Software: What We Like

An all-in-one software

With PCLaw, you don’t need additional software to complete critical functions like billing and accounting. It can combine different programs like ledgers, accounts receivable/payable, operating statements, etc., into a single package for an all-inclusive accounting process.


Since the on-set of COVID-19, cybersecurity issues have been on the rise. Hackers are primarily targeting companies with sensitive and valuable data. And law firms are no exception. Thankfully, if you acquire a cloud-based case management software like PCLaw, you shall have secured all your sensitive case file out of reach of cybercriminals.

Despite being one of its most vital selling points, that PCLaw adopts cloud-based operation is also its greatest unbecoming. Why so? As soon as LexisNexis sold the software to a new entity, they planned to migrate all clients to their cloud-based solution. This was a move that the customers never welcomed warmly. To worsen the situation, the new entity resorted to offering below-par tech support to lure the customers into jumping ship, but this only caused more damage.

PCLaw Case Management Software: What We Don’t Like

Whether you’re selling a product or offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there’s nothing more important than customer experience and satisfaction. And that’s a school of thought that PCLaw’s new owners don’t seem to subscribe to. Their tactic of forcing clients to migrate to the cloud is their greatest unbecoming. As long as they continue that way, they’ll keep losing popularity and market share.

Here are a few more drawbacks as registered by dissatisfied users:

  • Below-par Tech Support. Previously, PCLaw had an independent consultant program where clients would receive much-needed round-the-clock support from certified customer support experts. But that’s no longer the case, thanks to the ownership and management change. Today, the support department is marred with less qualified representatives who can unapologetically put you on hold for hours or even days without offering assistance.
  • Overly Unstable. Users report that the software became extremely unstable upon upgrading to version 12, often freezing up or misbehaving for an extended period. When that happens, you have to reindex the data, which takes time. Imagine failing to record billable hours because the timekeeping program won’t run.
  • Unreliable. Sometimes, the bill generation process may lead to a few errors, which can cost the firm immensely. Even worse, it’s pretty challenging to troubleshoot the errors, causing lots of inconveniences at your end.
  • Costly for a larger team. Typically, you would receive a discount on products or services if you purchase in bulk, right? Well, guess what? That’s not the case with PCLaw; the vendor charges on a “per user” basis, so the higher the number of people at your law firm using it, the more it costs you. Furthermore, the provider doesn’t offer any free trial.

PCLaw Final Verdict: Is It Worth Giving a Shot?

The short answer is NO! Whereas there’s no denying that PCLaw is one of the top case management software options, it is slowly dying. And unless the company resolves the massive customer support issues, it’ll soon become extinct. If you’re a large firm looking for a program with more in-depth features and that values customer experience, we recommend exploring other options.

Rekall Technologies is a top-rated IT and private cloud services company that focuses solely on the legal industry. We take pride in leveraging our immense experience and expertise to help law firms to avoid nuisances like network breakdown, downtime, or cyber-attack by maintaining and monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7. If you’re interested to learn how we can enhance your firm’s security and efficiency, consult with our IT experts today!

PCLaw in the Cloud

March 18, 2021

Leveraging the Effectiveness of Running PCLaw in the Cloud

More and more law firms in the US are leveraging PCLaw to manage time, clients, matters, accounting, and billing. The powerful practice management and legal accounting solution have stayed relevant and useful to date.

Currently, however, most agencies now aim to get the most out of cloud computing. Firms nowadays want to serve their customers and conduct the billing from anywhere. They want a reliable platform that guarantees improved data security. Most also wish to stop managing and owning servers.

All these new requirements have prompted individual lawyers and firms to consider hosting PCLaw in the cloud.

Overview of PCLaw

This is a powerful software tool that law firms use to manage their customers, networks, schedules, billing, time, and accounts. The application is commonly used thanks to its robust functionalities and features. Notably, it’s among the rare practice management suites for lawyers that offer rich and deep tools that use different billing and accounting management approaches.

The software solution has come a long way and now offers additional practice management functionalities beyond accounting and billing. Nowadays, you can easily manage your law firm’s full cycle, including contact and customer management, matter management, and much more. The evolution has made it the ideal all-in-one tool for many firms.

Today, law firms can run this software in a private cloud.

Hosting PCLaw in the Cloud

Initially, the most effective way of leveraging PCLaw functionality and benefits was buying a server, installing it in your infrastructure, and paying an expert to keep it functional. For most law firms, in-house IT consultants and on-premise servers have always been a necessary evil.

Fortunately, such is no longer the case in this current era, where every company migrates to cloud computing. Nowadays, more professionals and firms in the united states opt to host PCLaw in the cloud. This allows them to enjoy the reliability, security, and flexibility of cloud computing and the functionality of PCLaw.

The private cloud is what makes it possible to host PCLaw in the cloud. In essence, this platform hosts your law firm’s documents, email, and software like PCLaw on a single, fully-managed, centralized platform. The result is that your data, applications, and email will be more available to authorized members of the firm regardless of their location. In this setup, your cloud provider will be responsible for your company data security and backups.

The private cloud converts your cloud provider into your server and IT team.

How PCLaw Works in the Cloud

Running PCLaw in the cloud requires your staff to access a virtual desktop where they’ll find applications, documents, and the company email. The team can log into this desktop remotely, whether in the office, at home, or on the customer’s site. You can also use any device to log in from your laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Cloud hosting eliminates full dependence on on-premise devices or computers. You can leverage all PCLaw tools for effective billing, performance tracking, compliance, and capturing more time from any location.

Functionally, you’ll be logging into a remote system. When you open an application like PCLaw, your work will take place on the server and not on the specific device you’re using. With the current internet speed, the process can be seamless and secure, just like it would be if you completed the task on your office desktop.

The private cloud converts your cloud provider into your server and IT team.

PCLaw is indeed a holistic solution for today’s law firms with ever-changing needs and tech environments. Migrating it to the cloud makes it even better thanks to its secure access, remote functionalities, and easy upgrade capability.

Benefits of Running PCLaw in the Cloud

Moving your entire office to the cloud could offer several benefits. Let’s explore:

  • You’ll stick to your efficient PCLaw software – Transferring your operations and data from one legal software to another is time-consuming and tedious. Most law firms that attempt to replace their server-based software with basic, web-based platforms end up disappointed and often return to PCLaw again. Running PCLaw in the cloud lets you use your ideal practice management software.
  • Security boost – You definitely encounter and store your client’s private data, alongside the sensitive details of their cases, so you can’t afford to suffer a data breach. If you host PCLaw in the cloud, you’ll achieve a higher security level than when you own your server and handle security yourself.
  • Maintained functionality – Switching to the less effective web-based management systems isn’t required to enjoy the cloud’s security, reliability, and accessibility. Instead, you’ll maintain your documents, software, and email on the private cloud.
  • A more economical solution – Most law firms find it more economical to host PCLaw in the cloud than office servers. Onsite servers must be purchased, and an IT professional hired to manage the system. You’ll also purchase antivirus and pay for backups, upgrades, and repairs. Private cloud solutions charge a monthly fee that’s more predictable and manageable.
  • Mobility – Hosting your applications and data in the cloud allows every member of your team to access software and data remotely and on their preferred device. This will enable you to access customer and case information on the go.
  • Scalability – Almost every private cloud solution allows you to remove or add resources based on your growing needs. PCLaw in the cloud has the “grow as you go” and “pay as you go” models that makes scaling predictable and manageable.
  • Reliability – Running PCLaw from the private cloud significantly boosts your data and system reliability compared to a server within your workstation. Most cloud infrastructures are very reliable, offering up to 99.99 percent uptime. All technical issues will be your provider’s responsibility.

The Bottom Line

The last few years have seen numerous law firms migrate their data, apps, and documents to the cloud. What most attorneys thought was a bleeding-edge has now turned mainstream. It’s now a threshold on how companies should run their technology and data. Lawyers, specifically, have so much to gain by running PCLaw in the cloud.

Rekall Technologies, the nation’s number one private cloud centered on law firms, is here to help you run PCLaw and other applications in the cloud. We’ll help you get rid of office servers and offer the insights of a reliable legal-tech expert to simplify your technology and optimize your operations.

Do you have any questions or need help migrating your applications and data to the cloud? Contact us today.

Legal IT Services from Rekall Technologies Transforms Law Firms

March 17, 2021

Legal IT Services from Rekall Technologies Transforms Law Firms

The world of technology is fast-paced, and new developments come out every passing day. Despite the constant advancements, tech is usually among the last things on an attorney’s mind.

According to the Planning and Budgeting report by the American Bar Association, 58 percent of solo lawyers admitted to not having a budget for tech. Up to 40 percent of small-sized firms acknowledged the same, while 13 percent of the respondents didn’t know.

The current marketplace is highly connected, so being secure and tech-savvy is vital for your law firm’s success. But you can’t optimize your networks, systems, and data adequately without sufficient IT knowledge, and that’s where reliable legal IT services from Rekall Technologies come in.

Why More Law Firms Are Seeking Legal IT Services

The law office of today is very different from the traditional practices. Advanced tools now handle more and more legal work at a much higher frequency.

Unless you’re tech-savvy, you’ll have to look for support staff to handle your IT infrastructure on your behalf. But only established firms with a substantial capital base can recruit an in-house IT team to address this vital part of the business. This, however, comes with the following challenges:

  • Hurdles of talent selection – Your agency’s IT team requires a high diligence level since they’ll have administrative access to all elements of your system and data. Getting the right person isn’t straightforward with no standard thresholds (IT guys don’t have a bar exam!) An IT management agency will eliminate all the challenges and begin working from day one.
  • Extra costs – Hiring on-premise IT teams is a costly affair right from recruitment. Other costs include paid leave, sick offs, overtime, and others. Workers can also leave once they’re skilled enough to find better deals. An IT manager’s constant subscription saves all these costs.
  • Ongoing training – Even the most qualified talents must be updated on the latest trends and tech developments, which is costly and tedious. Legal IT services eliminate all these. We take care of our own staff training as you enjoy consistent professionalism from your end.
  • Redundancy – An in-house IT team may understand every aspect of your business, but they could be unaware of some new developments in the dynamic IT space. Rekall has helped professionals improve and secure their systems and are better placed to create lasting solutions.

Benefits of Rekall’s Legal IT Services to Your Law Firm

Rekall Technologies is the number one provider of legal-focused IT consultancy and management in the nation. The Legal IT services can help you overcome all challenges, make maximum use of the cloud, and improve your customer experiences.

Here’s how you’ll benefit by partnering with the experts:

Beefed Security

A typical day at your law office involves interacting with loads of client personal data, including contact info, credit card data, and social security numbers. You also handle confidential information regarding their cases. A single attack could be a major setback for your company.

Rekall Technologies’s managed IT services for law firms offer comprehensive cybersecurity help around the clock. You’ll get secure programs and alerts on any suspicious activity, and they’ll take the necessary steps whenever an issues come up.

The Right Technical Expertise

You may understand IT’s basic concepts like how to protect your systems through firewalls and all that common-knowledge stuff. But true technical expertise is vital to stay ahead of skilled and dedicated hackers who are always on the lookout for security loopholes.


A single cybersecurity attack could be a major setback for your company.

Your expertise and focus are on law, not tech. A managed IT service provider definitely knows more about linking remote devices with office systems than you. They’re also better placed to wipe out the data from the company-issued phone that got lost the other day. Rekall offers the right technical experts so that you can boost your security and IT knowledge.

Stay Compliant

Attorneys work with numerous clients bound by different laws around private information and sharing data. Sectors also have their unique industry-specific compliance rules. So before handling any cases, you want to ensure that you’re compliant with every regulation, which might not be easy to fulfill with an in-house IT team.

Reliable legal IT management agencies will keep you updated on the latest regulations and compliance laws. They’ll aptly guide your employees on the right data security and compliance requirements to avoid data privacy issues.

Managed Technical Development

The amount of technical equipment you use in your law firm increases by the day. As you grow, your tech needs continue to increase as well. Eventually, you’ll find yourself shopping around for an essential tech resource that you know nothing about. Managing these vital resources can be even trickier.

Fortunately, all these will never bother you if you subscribe to a reliable legal IT service provider. Rekall Technologies will help you acquire sturdy devices able to withstand frequent movement. They’ll also get you the best deals with other third-party IT solutions providers.

IT Support Around the Clock

IT problems and cybersecurity threats don’t just happen between 9 AM and 5 PM. Your primary server could malfunction during a holiday weekend, or an employee working overnight may wish to access essential files in the middle of the night. What’s more, an attacker could be fortunate to find your network when no one is manning it.

Managed legal IT services are the right solution for all these challenges. Whether it’s a weekend, during off-hours, or a holiday, you can get the necessary IT support around the clock.

Exceptionally Low Costs

Far from what most people believe, having multiple IT experts isn’t as effective, and the associated costs could end up draining you even more. Your employee may not be available for work during certain days, or one individual can sufficiently handle the month’s work. You also have to take care of equipment costs, benefits, and health insurance.

Managed services can significantly cut down your costs in staffing, equipment purchases, and time loss. With consistent subscription rates, your expenses will be even more manageable.

The Bottom Line on Legal IT Services

Rekall Technologies has the necessary tools and talent for comprehensive IT assistance. Besides getting the right hardware and applications at the best deals, you’ll also stay compliant and enjoy a robust system and data security.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about our services.

Hosted vs. Web-Based Legal Practice Management Software

March 17, 2021

Hosted vs. Web-Based Legal Practice Management Software

The fast-paced technological transformation is changing how companies and organizations across multiple industries undertake their operations. And the legal sector is no exception. Law firms are migrating from the traditional pen and paper documentation to legal practice management software to complete processes such as invoicing, case files management, research, automation of mundane tasks, and more.

Today, there are many legal practice management software tools that are broadly categorized as cloud-hosted and web-based. Telling them apart can be quite confusing, and most law firms find it challenging to choose which type of management software to go for. However, that’s bound to change today as we demystify everything in the guide below.

We’ll discuss:

  • The definition of hosted legal practice management software
  • The pros and cons of hosted management software
  • The definition of web-based legal practice management software
  • The pros and cons of web-based management software
  • What to consider when choosing the best legal practice management software

So let’s get down to business!

What is a Hosted Legal Practice Management Software?

A hosted legal practice management software is the one that lets you manage your functions from virtually anywhere since it doesn’t require an on-premise server. In other words, all your existing legal software, files, documents, and folders get stored in a private cloud (a server hosted and managed by an outsourced provider) instead of you storing it on an on-premise computer.


All your existing legal materials get stored in a private cloud.

This means that you can access your law firm’s practice management software anywhere – at home, in the office, or remotely, provided you have a valid username and password. The best part is that the provider takes care of all the maintenance, management, security, and backup for you. That’s a great relief for law firms, bearing in mind that the cost of owning and maintaining an in-house server is exorbitant.


  • Inexpensive. Cloud-based software is usually available on a regular subscription-based basis, making the payment model predictable and affordable. What’s more, it is the provider’s responsibility to optimize security, maintenance, and troubleshooting, lowering the costs further.
  • Feature-packed. The practice management software comes with a wide array of the most up-to-date features and functionalities that ease law firm staff’s work. Plus, most of the features have no limitations and are accessible based on your subscription plan.
  • Numerous options. Since the legal industry is broad and consists of different categories and processes, hosted practice management software is equally diversified to accommodate varying needs. Some are for specific practice areas like personal injury, corporate, family, criminal laws, etc. Others take care of specific functions such as billing, client management, accounting, and more.
  • Entire law practice in the cloud. The best cloud-based service hosts not only one management software application but your entire practice. It includes storage services for files, documents, emails, folders, etc.


  • Internet connection dependency. Your law firm must have a reliable network connection to enjoy the full benefits. In case of downtime, you may not be able to retrieve essential case files, considering that time may be of the essence.
  • Not all clouds are equal. The number and kinds of features accessible depend on your specific vendor. Given the complex nature of legal practice management, some providers may not have adequate expertise or features to meet your cloud hosting needs.

What is a Web-Based Legal Practice Management Software?

Simply put, this is a legal practice management software that’s accessible via web browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Here, you don’t have to worry about installing, downloading, or upgrading anything. The software publisher’s responsibility is to provide periodic updates and new features that you don’t need to install either.

The provider does all the processing and storage on their remote server that law firms connect to over the internet using a browser. Running a web-based legal practice management software requires technical skills and can be costly initially, but it’s a cost-effective investment in the long-run. What’s more, it provides excellent flexibility in terms of customization and configuration capabilities.


  • Ease of access. Accessing your data via web-based legal practice management software is a no-brainer and can be done on any device as you don’t need to install new programs.
  • Cost-effective. Most managed web-based software barely cost more than $100 per month, making them ideal legal practice management solutions for firms operating under a limited budget.
  • Quick to get started. The fact that it’s web-based makes the software extremely easy to operate. So long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, all you have to do is sign up on any device, and off you go.


  • No internet, no access. You can’t access essential or urgent legal functions or files if you don’t have an internet connection, much less an unreliable one.
  • Risky when accessed remotely. When your law firm staff is working off-premise and accesses critical files, documents, or services on the web-based software, they risk leaking private information to cyber threat actors, which can be too costly.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Legal Practice Management Software

As we hinted earlier, there are tons of legal practice management software in the market, and choosing the best solution can be challenging. Here are a few factors to consider before putting your bucks in a practice management software:


If you prefer a cloud-hosted solution, go for a company/provider that offers exclusively cloud-based services. Likewise, if you want a web-based solution, aim to collaborate with a vendor specializing in that particular category. A company that mixes the two might offer compromised quality and have a conflict of interest.

Commitment to the Legal Sector

Legal practice management is a complex market segment that requires a host that truly understands and has all the expertise to serve the sector. If the provider under review categorizes legal as one of the numerous sectors they serve, we suggest you keep searching.


Is the software under consideration compatible with the firm’s technology? Ensure that the software is capable of working across multiple operating systems (most cloud-based solutions can). This is important because non-compatibility may pose a significant challenge to staff members who work out of the office or across different offices.

Ethical Compliance and Security Optimization

Law firms operate under stringent legislations, and non-compliance may lead to dire consequences like fines, penalties, or license revocation. Ensure that your vendor adheres to such standards as the duty to protect client information.

Legal Practice Management Software: Conclusion

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide helped you understand the difference between hosted and web-based legal practice management software, plus their pros and cons. Remember, when looking for a reliable provider, you want to confirm that legal services are their primary focus. They must also provide easy-to-use/access, compatible, compliant, and secure practice management software.

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