Security & Compliance

Secure your business with Enterprise level security & compliant solutions

Included Security Audits

Everyone receives an industry-specific security audit when they sign up with Rekall. Every business should have a level of security or compliance suitable for their industry that does not encroach upon employee day-to-day operations. Rekall considers employee data access permissions, services where MFA or 2FA should be implemented, backup and disaster recovery schemes, as well as partial and full compliance practices. Options will be provided and as your security consultant, Rekall will advise on all options.

Employee Security Training

Data breaches most often occur by employees unknowing allowing hackers and Ransomware infiltrators inside your system. While IT security has come leaps and bounds, the best security is a trained employee. Security training includes online videos, Q&As, and then an employee test. In the next phase employees are subject to covert email phishing tests that occur over the span of a year. Training services are developed to show businesses which employees need further training as a single employee can unknowingly take down an entire business.

Supporting Industry-Specific Compliance Security Services

Security Services

Security Planning that Considers Internal/External Attacks & Data Breaches

EDR Security

This AI based security is included with all Managed IT and Cloud plans. Ransomware, Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit and Keylogger protections monitor and secure your workstations 24×7.

MDR Security

MDR is reserved for the highest level of compliance standards. 24×7 Monitoring and mitigation for all EDR components by AI means and dedicated security personnel makes sure someone is always watching.

Penetration Testing

Providing advanced testing and a roadmap that will harden your network security infrastructure against external and internal attacks. Subscriptions are annual and comply with cyber security insurance requirements.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA confirms the identity of all personnel who access servers, data, workstations, and even email. It’s a cornerstone of compliance and with the aid of mobile device authentication, it’s bulletproof.

Employee Monitoring

You can now monitor employee workstation usage seamlessly. This customizable system can track employee productivity, websites visited, music, videos, and social media use, as well as a screenshot breadcrumb trails.

Firewall Network Security

Secure your network with security and encryption. Rekall firewalls provide network security, intrusion prevention and detection, WiFi security, encrypted remote access, breach detection, as well as advanced web filtering services.

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Law Firm Security
is our specialty.

Rekall allows law firms to not only uphold ABA and HIPAA compliance best practices but also protect their client data to ensure the integrity of their firm’s reputation and future.

Rekall knows compliance.

Why settle for general security solutions that are not industry-specific to your business needs?

Medical Offices
Rekall has helped numerous medical offices
comply with HIPAA guidelines.

Financial + Accounting Firms
Investment and financial firms trust Rekall to
uphold SOX and PCI compliance standards. 

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From law firms, construction and trade, medical offices, engineering firms, and more, Rekall will be your technology partner.