Keep Your Law Firms Data Secure With A Mobile Device Policy

June 24, 2021

Data security is something extremely important to law firms nationwide, at Rekall Tech, we understand that, which is why we are here to make your life easier. Mobile technology has particularly boomed because many of us have been working remotely. As most people in the legal industry use the same mobile device for work and personal use, many law firms have started implementing a mobile device policy for law firms. This is to allow employees to use their own personal devices for both while still keeping your law firm protected.

Creating a BYOD policy

Using the feedback and recommendations from data security professionals, draft an effective mobile device policy for law firms including clear rules and protocols for personal device use. For example: what devices are allowed or who has access to what. It’s important to include clear defined data monitoring legal practices for your IT staff, so they know what they should monitor and, more importantly, what they shouldn’t.

Your mobile device policy should have clearly defined protocols in the event of lost or stolen devices, termination of a contract, or any other potential data breaches. This may include “wiping the device” (e.g., rendering firm data, such as client data, unreadable) with the help of mobile device management (MDM) software. You should also make sure that your staff is aware of the dos and don’ts of cybersecurity (e.g., phishing, malware, email, social media).

Make Sure To:

Restrict access to your firm’s data by requiring strong passwords, limiting user access to certain types of data to protect the client, and requiring multi-factor authentication.
Encrypt data on all devices.
Backup your cases (including closed ones) using a HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud server.

Before implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, make sure to discuss it with your team. Find out their preferences (e.g., what devices they use or which sites they visit) and then encourage them to submit suggestions and voice any concerns they might have.

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