Legal IT Services from Rekall Technologies Transforms Law Firms

March 17, 2021

Legal IT Services from Rekall Technologies Transforms Law Firms

The world of technology is fast-paced, and new developments come out every passing day. Despite the constant advancements, tech is usually among the last things on an attorney’s mind.

According to theΒ Planning and Budgeting report by the American Bar Association, 58 percent of solo lawyers admitted to not having a budget for tech. Up to 40 percent of small-sized firms acknowledged the same, while 13 percent of the respondents didn’t know.

The current marketplace is highly connected, so being secure and tech-savvy is vital for your law firm’s success. But you can’t optimize your networks, systems, and data adequately without sufficient IT knowledge, and that’s where reliable legal IT services from Rekall Technologies come in.

Why More Law Firms Are Seeking Legal IT Services

The law office of today is very different from the traditional practices. Advanced tools now handle more and more legal work at a much higher frequency.

Unless you’re tech-savvy, you’ll have to look for support staff to handle your IT infrastructure on your behalf. But only established firms with a substantial capital base can recruit an in-house IT team to address this vital part of the business. This, however, comes with the following challenges:

  • Hurdles of talent selection – Your agency’s IT team requires a high diligence level since they’ll have administrative access to all elements of your system and data. Getting the right person isn’t straightforward with no standard thresholds (IT guys don’t have a bar exam!) An IT management agency will eliminate all the challenges and begin working from day one.
  • Extra costs – Hiring on-premise IT teams is a costly affair right from recruitment. Other costs include paid leave, sick offs, overtime, and others. Workers can also leave once they’re skilled enough to find better deals. An IT manager’s constant subscription saves all these costs.
  • Ongoing training – Even the most qualified talents must be updated on the latest trends and tech developments, which is costly and tedious. Legal IT services eliminate all these. We take care of our own staff training as you enjoy consistent professionalism from your end.
  • Redundancy – An in-house IT team may understand every aspect of your business, but they could be unaware of some new developments in the dynamic IT space. Rekall has helped professionals improve and secure their systems and are better placed to create lasting solutions.

Benefits of Rekall’s Legal IT Services to Your Law Firm

Rekall Technologies is the number one provider of legal-focused IT consultancy and management in the nation. The Legal IT services can help you overcome all challenges, make maximum use of the cloud, and improve your customer experiences.

Here’s how you’ll benefit by partnering with the experts:

Beefed Security

A typical day at your law office involves interacting with loads of client personal data, including contact info, credit card data, and social security numbers. You also handle confidential information regarding their cases. A single attack could be a major setback for your company.

Rekall Technologies’s managed IT services for law firms offer comprehensive cybersecurity help around the clock. You’ll get secure programs and alerts on any suspicious activity, and they’ll take the necessary steps whenever an issues come up.

The Right Technical Expertise

You may understand IT’s basic concepts like how to protect your systems through firewalls and all that common-knowledge stuff. But true technical expertise is vital to stay ahead of skilled and dedicated hackers who are always on the lookout for security loopholes.


A single cybersecurity attack could be a major setback for your company.

Your expertise and focus are on law, not tech. A managed IT service provider definitely knows more about linking remote devices with office systems than you. They’re also better placed to wipe out the data from the company-issued phone that got lost the other day. Rekall offers the right technical experts so that you can boost your security and IT knowledge.

Stay Compliant

Attorneys work with numerous clients bound by different laws around private information and sharing data. Sectors also have their unique industry-specific compliance rules. So before handling any cases, you want to ensure that you’re compliant with every regulation, which might not be easy to fulfill with an in-house IT team.

Reliable legal IT management agencies will keep you updated on the latest regulations and compliance laws. They’ll aptly guide your employees on the right data security and compliance requirements to avoid data privacy issues.

Managed Technical Development

The amount of technical equipment you use in your law firm increases by the day. As you grow, your tech needs continue to increase as well. Eventually, you’ll find yourself shopping around for an essential tech resource that you know nothing about. Managing these vital resources can be even trickier.

Fortunately, all these will never bother you if you subscribe to a reliable legal IT service provider. Rekall Technologies will help you acquire sturdy devices able to withstand frequent movement. They’ll also get you the best deals with other third-party IT solutions providers.

IT Support Around the Clock

IT problems and cybersecurity threats don’t just happen between 9 AM and 5 PM. Your primary server could malfunction during a holiday weekend, or an employee working overnight may wish to access essential files in the middle of the night. What’s more, an attacker could be fortunate to find your network when no one is manning it.

Managed legal IT services are the right solution for all these challenges. Whether it’s a weekend, during off-hours, or a holiday, you can get the necessary IT support around the clock.

Exceptionally Low Costs

Far from what most people believe, having multiple IT experts isn’t as effective, and the associated costs could end up draining you even more. Your employee may not be available for work during certain days, or one individual can sufficiently handle the month’s work. You also have to take care of equipment costs, benefits, and health insurance.

Managed services can significantly cut down your costs in staffing, equipment purchases, and time loss. With consistent subscription rates, your expenses will be even more manageable.

The Bottom Line on Legal IT Services

Rekall Technologies has the necessary tools and talent for comprehensive IT assistance. Besides getting the right hardware and applications at the best deals, you’ll also stay compliant and enjoy a robust system and data security.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about our services.