Private Cloud Solutions + Unlimited IT Support for Law Firms

Rekall eliminates your office servers by providing a virtual private cloud solutions for your law firm. Via Virtual Desktops, we host all of your data, applications, and email in the cloud and accessible anywhere, from any device.
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Unlimited IT Support
Unlimited support for your entire infrastructure: Software, Hardware, Printers, Mobile Devices, you name it.
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Your Documents
Work with included Microsoft Office & secure documents in the cloud.
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Your Email
Rekall Cloud includes Hosted Exchange email with unlimited mailbox storage too.
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Your Software
Access your company applications via virtual desktop, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Run all of your software on Rekall's Private Cloud.
The Rekall team has vast experience supporting top legal applications. Rekall will support & migrate your firm applications to your very own private cloud. May it be document management or time & billing, your firm specific software will be supported and work flawlessly on Rekall Cloud.

Cloud Solutions Offered to Law Firms

Rekall offers law firms more included cloud services than any other private provider in the nation

Virtual Windows Desktop

A private Windows desktop in the cloud for each user

Dedicated Cloud Servers

Dedicated servers for maximum security

Software Hosting

Access your apps anywhere, anytime on any device

Microsoft Office

Included MS Office licensing for all firm users

Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange with unlimited storage

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Cloud & Local IT support

SQL Server

Included SQL server licensing

Managed Backups

High data retention + quick recovery

Desktop Security

Cloud & desktop security, protection, monitoring

Cloud Storage

Storage for company docs, apps & data

Managed Migration

Rekall will manage & perform your entire cloud migration

Military-Grade Security

Compliance, Security & Encryption

Mobile Device Access

Seamless cloud access from any device

2x Tier III Data Facilities

Redundant facilities in NJ & OH means maximum firm data protection

Anti Ransomware

Maximum protection against Ransomware attacks
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Q & A

What is Rekall Cloud?

Rekall Cloud Solutions involve a fully customized private cloud service specifically built for law firms. Rekall Cloud is compatible with all applications may it be document management, time, billing, accounting, Adobe Acrobat, or Microsoft Office. Users can work from their office or any internet-connected device and access a cloud-based Windows desktop complete with your company-specific email and applications. In this way, users can work from anywhere, anytime, on any device with zero need for office servers or office IT infrastructure.

How does the migration to Rekall Cloud work?

Your company’s cloud migration will be organized and managed by one of our on-boarding specialists. Our technicians will move your data, applications, databases and even your email if you opt in for an email migration. Our technicians will recreate your entire infrastructure on Rekall Cloud down to your desktop items, printers, scanners and Outlook settings. Rekall will take care of it all.

If I cancel, how can I get my data back?

First of all, Rekall will never take ownership of your data. Within our agreement it states that your data which is migrated to our cloud environment is still owned by you, the client. If the Cloud is not a fit for your company, Rekall makes it easy to leave. Rekall will either work with your new vendor to migrate your data or send your data to you via encrypted hard drive. We don’t feel you should have to pay to leave. Due to this there are no major costs associated with cancelling other than shipping costs.

Does Rekall Cloud include support?

Absolutely! Rekall Cloud includes unlimited connectivity support for all users. This includes cloud connection setups & connectivity support for desktops, laptops, and tablets. Printing & scanning support as well as adding new users. User terminations and password changes are also included along with Microsoft Office application support. This basic yet critical support package is offered to an unlimited degree for all clients.

Can you support my company's applications?

Rekall Technologies has a U.S. based helpdesk team that assists our Cloud & I.T. based law firms with anything under the sun may it be legal apps, printing, mobile devices, email, you name it. The team is well versed in Worldox, PCLaw, iManage, Time Matters, TimeSlips, Juris & ProLaw just to name a few. With years of supporting law firms under our belt, supporting law firm technology and applications is what we do best.

How secure is Rekall Cloud?

Extremely secure. We are aware of the ethical responsibility Attorneys must uphold in order to securely store confidential client data. As a private cloud service provider, Rekall shares this responsibility as well. Security services include dual Tier III data facilities with complete redundancy between Ohio and New Jersey. Our facilities offer a 99.995% SLA. Protecting the Rekall Cloud are enterprise-level firewalls, redundant backup assignments to both facilities, antivirus & anti-Ransomware services as well as intrusion prevention and detection services. Rekall Cloud offers the perfect blend of military & bank-grade security.

Does Rekall Cloud include Microsoft Office Standard or Professional?

Rekall offers cloud servers with both Microsoft Office Standard & Professional.

Can I purchase PC hardware through Rekall?

Absolutely, we have hardware vendor relationships that will most definitely save your firm money.

Will you support my smartphones, if so, to what degree?

Absolutely, we will support email, cloud access, pretty much anything you need on your Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device.

What happens if I’m legally obligated to provide my data to a third party such as if my firm is served with a subpoena?

Rekall will work with your company in these situations. With your approval we will export a copy of your entire server or just a copy of the data needed and send it off on a portable hard drive to the third party. If need be, we will work with the third party while keeping you in the loop 100%. We have done this before and have a lot of experience with these situations. Our priority and loyalty is always to our clients.

How does the migration process work, how do I get my files to the cloud?

From the initial quote, to the agreement, to the migration, we handle it all. Our techs gain remote access to your network and start the upload process once your cloud server is built out. Depending on your local internet speed and the size of your data, all migrations are generally done over a weekend.

Will all my law firm software work in the Cloud?

Yes, all of your software will work on the cloud. We have a LOT of experience configuring and customizing software to work in our environment. We have learned a lot along the way and your company will benefit from our experience. Even non-Terminal Server compliant software will work on the cloud as we are a fully customizable cloud solution.

How does Printing & Scanning work in the Cloud?

Printing & scanning work identically to how they work in your office. Printers redirect to the cloud session automatically and during the migration process, techs setup scan to email on your printer or copier so scans go directly to the cloud. For companies with specialized printing & scanning needs, Rekall offers added solutions to accommodate 100% accurate printing solutions.

Does Rekall Cloud cover all the software licenses we will need?

Rekall will cover your Microsoft licensing for Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc…), Windows Server & SQL.

Redundant Tier III Data Centers – New Jersey & Ohio

“Rekall has proven to be far more than the typical IT company. Rekall has demonstrated, from day one a tireless interest in finding the best and most cost-effective solutions for us…”

William H. Healey

Partner, Kluger Healy LLC

“We moved to Rekall’s cloud platform for our small law firm a few years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. It has worked seamlessly, and has eliminated almost all of our IT issues…”
Larry H. Krantz

Partner, Krantz & Berman LLP

“Rekall has proven to be far more than the typical IT company. We have been utilizing their cloud base service for several years now and we have had absolutely zero downtime…”

Kenneth L. Thomson

Partner, Manning Caliendo & Thomson

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