Leading Legal IT Services for Law Firms

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by | Dec 21, 2020 | Management

Leading Legal IT Services for Law Firms

Law firms must abide by specific ethical and professional rules, which require them to safeguard the client’s sensitive data. Thus, the adoption of proper IT support is imperative. Rekall Technologies have robust legal IT services, which ensure your law practice is immune from cyberattacks.

Our IT experts are proactive in ensuring your network and computer infrastructure is well-updated, running correctly, and compliant with the predefined set rules.

How Can Legal IT Services Benefit Your Law Firm?

Data breaches in law firms occur due to vulnerabilities in the IT systems. Unauthorized third parties accessing your client’s and business’s sensitive data expose your law firm to severe repercussions. Rekall Technologies IT experts monitor and manage your on-premises and cloud-based systems to detect and manage any underlying breach.

Outsourcing your law firm’s IT to us will ensure you benefit in the following ways:

1. Your Law Firm Remains Compliant With Various Standards

Law firms are required to be compliant with various GLBA and HIPAA standards. Compliance ensures that corporate data is secured.  You will have the authority to guarantee confidentiality to your clients while responding to any anomalies in a better manner.

To ensure your firm is compliant with all the predefined set standards, adopt a proactive IT team. Our company ensures the protection of your company’s most sensitive data.

2. Protecting Client’s Documents

Clients’ documents and data should be the number one priority for every company. Since your business receives sensitive data daily, it is imperative to secure that data. According to an ABA report in 2019, 26% of law firms were targeted by cybercriminals who managed to access sensitive company information.

That said, your business must adopt robust legal IT services. Our IT providers ensure the adoption of the correct technology that will keep your documents safe from fraudsters.

3. Cybersecurity Assessments

Your law firm is exposed to a wide array of risks from internal and external sources.  Managing security threats is paramount to ensure your business integrity is not compromised.  Cybersecurity assessments should be done occasionally to identify any potential security vulnerabilities on your critical assets and sensitive data.

Rekall Technologies ensures potential cyberattacks are detected and appropriate action is taken.  Our team ensures any data breaches, which could result in client exposure or ethical infringements is eradicated.

4. 24/7 Monitoring of Your Data

The use of unsecured WIFI networks, virtual data sharing, and insecure devices create blind gaps where cybercriminals can access your data.  Continuously monitoring your data facilitates the monitoring of employees and all system’s endpoints.  You will get system alerts in case of any irregular activities within your system, both on-premises, and remote.

Our legal IT services will enable the reviewing and monitoring of all security incidents. Real-time data tracking will be enabled, and your organization can minimize the incidences of a data breach from both employees and unauthorized third parties.

5. Streamline Business Performance

Adoption of the right technology ensures your law firm has a streamlined workflow and is efficient.  Our IT assessment team evaluates your existing IT infrastructure to identify what is working and what is not.  Through the comprehensive analysis, the team can help you adopt IT systems that will improve your performance.

The best IT practices in your business may include the following:

  • Security updates
  • Updated operating systems and hardware
  • Database management
  • Technical support
  • Backing up of data
  • Database management

6. Managed IT Services

Rekall Technologies handles complete managed IT services, which involves 24-hour monitoring and reporting.  The IT services will help your law business achieve numerous corporate initiatives. Essentially, outsourcing all the IT services ensures your law firm redirects resources and time to more productive activities.

Outsourcing IT services saves your business various costs. Your business will not incur additional costs to update existing technologies or respond to underlying security threats. Conversely, a full time IT team is expensive as the team will require office space and other employee benefits.

When you hire our IT professionals, you pay for aggregated service costs, and in the long run, you will enjoy numerous benefits. Since it is not a capital expenditure, your business will not have to incur additional resources to execute any business technology issues.  Consequently, you will pay a fixed amount despite the number of services you receive on a monthly or annual basis.

Why Rely on Our Legal IT Services?

Comprehensive understanding of the IT Systems

The IT systems and networks are diversified, and understanding all the platforms’ technicality is quite a hassle.  Your law firm’s primary role is representing clients and handling judicial injustices. It is unreasonable to require your attorneys to have an in-depth understanding of all tech systems.

Our specialists understand the legal IT infrastructure and are familiar with the trending technology in the legal business.  We ensure monitoring of your networks, thus minimizing the chances of downtimes. Your law firm can focus on other business criticalities while Rekall technologies worries about various technology issues.

Quick Response to Your Calls

Downtimes or technology disruptions happen in the course of running any business. However, if those issues are not handled instantly, they can be disastrous and undermine the integrity of your business. Faster response to technology issues is intrinsic, and our IT experts are diligent in responding within minutes.

Achieve a Secure IT Environment

A law firm contains the most sensitive data, and cybercriminals use viruses, malware, or ransomware to access the data.  Installation of well-breed technologies helps in the elimination of data intrusions.  Our IT experts have a wide knowledge of secure systems that eliminates major security threats in your law firm.

Ensure Business Continuity

If your law office is closed due to natural or human-made disasters, how do you recover your data?  Recovering data after the destruction of brick and motor offices and physical systems is crucial for business continuity.  A company should have backup systems that ensure easy recovery of the company’s information.

Contact Experienced Technicians in Legal IT Support

Undeniably, implementing robust IT systems in your law firm is important. Contact us for comprehensive IT services tailored to suit the needs of your business model. Our Legal IT services are compliant with various set standards to prevent any data compromisation and vulnerabilities in the dynamic law business.