Massachusetts Law Firm Recruits Rekall Technologies to Move PC Law to the Cloud 

Our team was recently contacted by a Massachusetts law firm that was looking for support as they moved their PC Law software to the Cloud

by | Feb 6, 2021 | All Things Cloud

Massachusetts Law Firm Recruits Rekall Technologies to Move PC Law to the Cloud

Our team was recently contacted by a Massachusetts law firm that was looking for support as they moved their PC Law software to the Cloud. Since IT service and support for Massachusetts law firms is our specialty, we were immediately eager to come on board and help.

Rekall Technologies Helps Massachusetts Law Firm Move PC Law to the Cloud

We have a lot of experience helping Massachusetts law firms deploy and optimize strategic IT solutions. That’s why, when he heard from a local law firm that wanted to migrate their PC Law software to the Cloud, we were immediately eager to partner with them and support them through the transition from start to finish.

The best kind of client is the client who comes to us with a clear vision for how they want strategic IT to enhance and optimize their operations. That’s exactly what this law professional did. They did their research and realized that they could be saving serious time and money by taking their operational software virtual. That’s the exact kind of strategic and proactive thinking we look for in a client.

As we mentioned, our team of IT professionals has been helping Massachusetts law firms implement secure and strategic IT solutions for years. In most recent years, much of this experience has been focused on helping legal teams of all shapes and sizes make a smooth transition to more dynamic virtual operations. We even have a great deal of experience helping legal professionals move their industry-specific operational software – like PC Law – to our highly-secure Private Cloud.

So, when we received the service and support request from this local law firm, we immediately knew that we were the right team for the job. We respected that they knew optimizing their IT infrastructure would help to optimize their operations and enrich their bottom line. We were eager to get in touch with them as soon as possible to discuss how we could help them make the transition and why they could count on us for support.

This got us thinking. Why not write a quick breakdown of what this law firm was looking for and how our team rose to the occasion to support them. We hope that doing so will encourage other law firms to consider how transitioning to the Cloud could be a game-changer for their firm.

Why This Law Firm Chose Cloud Migration & The Kind of Support They Were Looking For

The great thing about this Massachusetts law firm was that they knew exactly what they needed. They informed us that they were a very small, two-person law firm. For years, they had been running PC Law v16.7 on-premise, but they had recently started thinking about migrating the software to the Cloud.

These law professionals were familiar with PC Law software and they trusted it as their primary IT infrastructure. However, they had come to realize that making the transition to the Cloud version of the software could potentially save them time and money. They also recognized that it could help them stay up-to-date and competitive in an increasingly virtual legal industry.

Here’s the information & support they were looking for as they moved their PC Law software to the Cloud:

  • Pricing info – First and foremost, this law firm wanted to know what it would cost for us to support them as they transitioned PC Law to the Cloud. They were hoping we could provide cost-effective options that would help them make the transition smoothly, without taking a major hit to their bottom line.
  • Migration Support & Cloud Training – Next, they wanted to know how we could support them as they made the transition. Above all, they wanted to ensure we could help them migrate the software efficiently without causing too much disruption to their everyday operations. We also reassured them that we would help to train them on everything they needed to know about operating efficiently in the Cloud.
  • High-Level Private Cloud Security – Since law professionals are often dealing with a great deal of sensitive information, they wanted to know how we would ensure that their data and resources remained secure once migrating to the Cloud.
  • Ongoing Cloud Optimization & Support – Finally, they hoped that we could provide ongoing guidance and strategic support to help them work out any bugs and position the Cloud software for optimal performance.

How Rekall Technologies Partnered With This Massachusetts  Law Firm to Support Cloud Migration

Again, we have to emphasize just how impressed we were by this local law firm. They knew that Cloud migration was a strategic business move and they knew that reaching out for professional support was the best way to approach the transition.

The thing is, more and more businesses – and law firms especially – are realizing that Cloud migration is the only way to go in our modern world of work. However, many of them either try to take on the transition themselves or they avoid it altogether. This law firm was smart enough to reach out for support and we were immediately ready to ensure we helped them approach the migration in the right way.

Below, we’ve broken down the exact service and support we proposed for this Massachusetts law firm. We explained that we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and that we wanted to ensure the service and support we provided was entirely customized to suit their unique needs. This is the way we approach partnerships with every client and we believe that coming to understand the needs of every business we work with is the cornerstone of providing the very best in IT service and support.

Here are the key ways we support law firms as they migrate to the Cloud:

Comprehensive System Review & Consultation 

Before anything else, we informed this small team of professionals that we would conduct a comprehensive review of their existing operations and IT infrastructure. We explained that we would carefully assess the way they used PC Law to ensure the Cloud migration process was designed to support their operations and eliminate tedious processes. We also gave them a detailed Cloud migration quote so there would be no surprises when it came to price.

Efficient & Cost-Effective Migration Support 

Once we conducted our review, we immediately got to work creating a customized and cost-effective Cloud migration plan. We made sure that we migrated PC Law to Cloud without disrupting their daily mission-critical business. Above all, we kept them informed through the entire migration process and helped them understand every implementation decision we made.

Multi-Layer Security on Rekall Technologies’ Private Cloud

Once the Cloud migration was complete and PC Law was fully operational online, we implemented a robust and multi-layered security platform to ensure their virtual data would remain secure. We explained the different solutions we deployed to keep their data secure and informed them that we would host their virtual software on Rekall’s highly-secured Private Cloud. 

Strategic Cloud Optimization 

Next, we started making sure that their PC Law software was positioned for optimal performance on our Private Cloud. We made sure to look for any glitches or changes they might have been unfamiliar with. We implemented the software to support their daily operations, eliminated redundancies, and made sure they were positioned to work more efficiently and productively than ever before.

Long-Term Cloud Support

Finally, we assured this team of law professionals that they could rely on us to continually support their PC Law set up on our Private Cloud. We explained that we would remain consistently available to them to address technical issues and even provide ongoing optimization support to ensure they were always getting the very most out of this new infrastructure.

Is Your Massachusetts Law Firm Considering Cloud Migration? Rekall Technologies Can Help!

Since migrating to our Private Cloud, this Massachusetts law firm has told us that productivity is up and costs are down. They have access to the data and resources they need, whenever they need them and they have peace of mind knowing that we’re keeping a constant eye on their platform to ensure the highest levels of security and performance.

Does this sound like the kind of IT service and support your law firm is looking for? If your organization is looking for Cloud migration support in Massachusetts, we welcome you to reach out to our team of IT specialists. Rekall Technologies is committed to making sure every law firm we work with is taking advantage of the most innovative and cost-effective IT solutions available. Whenever you’re ready to make the transition, we’re ready and waiting to help.

Give us a call anytime at (800) 554-4166, or visit our website at www.rekalltech.com to chat with a live agent and book a Cloud migration consultation.