Boost Company Productivity With Rekall Technologies’ Employee Monitoring Services 

December 12, 2020

Boost Company Productivity With Rekall Technologies’ Employee Monitoring Services

In today’s modern world, the traditional 9-to-5 work day has evolved to reflect employees’ flexible and dynamic lifestyles. In fact, with nearly 4 million Americans spending most of their working hours away from the office, work-from-home has become the new normal. While this new configuration allows employees to complete tasks from the comfort of their own homes and save time and money previously spent on commuting, employers may struggle to keep track of employees’ productivity from afar.

To help employers manage their team’s efficiency, Rekall Technologies has developed a highly-useful employee monitoring software that offers an in-depth look at employees’ time management and daily computer tasks. This ground-breaking tool is indispensable to maintain a productive team and understand how employees spend their time when working out-of-office.

Rekall Technologies’ monitoring services give employers a closer look at the way employees spend their time when working from home, down to precise percentages of screen time for various applications that are used throughout the day. This is particularly useful given a recent study that highlights the most prominent distractions that employees face while working from home, chief among them social media, smartphones and binge-watching. Our clients receive a virtual overview of employees’ work days in the form of computer screenshots that are taken on a 20-second interval, in addition to many more features.

Presented as a neat compilation of images, this feature is the perfect way to make sure that employees are staying diligent while tracking progress on important tasks and projects. Rekall Technologies’ monitoring software also accounts for active and idle time and reports a series of relevant analytics. Better yet, our knowledgeable I.T. experts will meet with you on a weekly basis for 1-2 months to break down and explain all monitoring reports — in this way, our convenient employee monitoring services sheds light on nagging employee issues and helps you make personnel decisions with concrete data in hand instead of based on feelings or hearsay.

Adding monitoring software to your company’s toolkit will revolutionize the way you do business and make important team decisions. It can be challenging to objectively evaluate employees based on performance without considering personal rapport or contextual factors. However, with Rekall Tech’s monitoring tools, it is simple to take the emotion out of employee analysis and therefore make the best decisions for your company and the staff as a whole.

Even though your team may not be working together on-site, you can still maintain productivity and harness the potential for progress that work-from-home offers. Our employee monitoring tools put you back in the driver’s seat of your company’s future and give you the knowledge you need to grow and remain profitable. You will also enjoy the convenience of anonymity as employees remain unaware of Rekall Tech’s monitoring services throughout their use.

Increasing your team’s efficiency has never been easier with the freedom to monitor as many or as few employees as you desire. Our services are customizable to suit your needs and provide you with plenty of practical information at a competitively low price per person each month.

To learn more about Rekall Technologies’ fantastic employee monitoring services, simply fill out our short contact form to be contacted by a friendly member of our team. You can also speak with a Rekall I.T. expert by calling (800) 554-4166. Pave the way to a more productive future with our outstanding employee monitoring services today.