Top 10 Legal Practice Management Software (2021 Edition)

March 6, 2021

Top 10 Legal Practice Management Software (2021 Edition)

The legal practice management software market is growing at an astounding rate and is projected to hit $2.3 billion by 2025, from $1 billion in 2018. The surge is attributed to an increase in law firms and the numerous benefits of the software. As opposed to the past when law firms had a short list of legal practice management software, there are tons of applications and vendors in the market today. You have numerous software options to assist in managing your practice and thus increase efficiency, boost staff productivity, and enhance client satisfaction.

Regrettably, choosing the right software can be overwhelming, especially for first-time users. Luckily, the information below can help you choose the best one for your practice.

Types of Legal Software

Legal software is available in three different categories, namely;

  • Practice management: This software handles functions like time, client management, billing, docketing, calendaring, and form generation.
  • Accounting: They manage all-things accounting, from business accounting to financial reporting and trust accounting.
  • Document management: This software caters for email management, OCR, document storage, version storage, and Index/Search.

Notably, while some software focuses on one of these categories, others combine two or more classifications. For instance, although CosmoLex and PCLaw are practice management software, they come with integrated accounting.

Choosing the Best Legal Practice Management Software

Many legal practices ask, ‘which is the best legal practice management software?’ However, there is no single best software. The best software depends on the needs of your legal firm. For example, some legal practice management software concentrates largely on accounting. But if your practice already has accounting software, such software would not be of much help.

When choosing the best software for your practice, it is best practice to start by listing down the features and functions you need most. This way, you will narrow down your options to the software with the said features. Legal practice management software’s common features include contact management, timekeeping, financial reporting, document management, calendaring, email management, billing and invoicing, task and project management, and third-party integrations.

Top Legal Practice Management Software

1.      PCLaw

It is a server-based practice management solution targeting small and midsize law firms. If you need an all-in-one solution, PCLaw is an excellent choice since you don’t require separate accounting and bookkeeping software. It comes with features such as practice management, time tracking, accounting, and billing. This software eliminates the headache associated with managing a law firm by consolidating all functions in a single platform.

2.      MyCase

It is a solution to help small-size law firms manage cases, clients, and calendars. It is renowned for its user-friendliness, and new users get accustomed quickly. The software’s comprehensive client portal allows you to share documents, updates, and other resources with your clients. Since this software is cloud-based, your legal practice does not need an on-premise server.

3.      Tabs3

Legal practices looking for billing and accounting software should consider Tabs3. It is a reliable software trusted by firms worldwide for more than 40 years to manage their billing and accounting. When teamed with Practice Master, Tabs3 offers class-leading legal management software. The newest version of the software provides excellent tools for managing documents and logging time. Tabs3 is a server-based software –you can operate it on-premise or within a private cloud.

4.      Perfect Practice

It features a broad range of tools to help you operate your practice effectively. Perfect Practice assists with matter management, billing and accounting, CRM, and time tracking. It is a favorite for many legal firms because of its adaptability and flexible reporting.

5.      CosmoLex

It is a practice management software designed to help legal practices with client and case management, billing, task management, accounting, calendaring, and time tracking. It stands out among legal software because it does not need separate software like QuickBooks to handle accounting. CosmoLex comes with a Client Portal for sharing updates and matter documents.

6.      Time Matters

It is a server-based practice management solution for calendaring, time-tracking, client and matter management, and billing. Time Matters is a great solution for law firms that require a high degree of customization. Also, firms that need software to manage matters, clients, documents, and calendars will love Time Matters.  Remarkably, this software integrates with LexisNexis products such as Juris and PCLaw.

7.      Clio

It is an easy-to-use cloud-based software for solo practices and small legal firms. It offers client and case management, calendaring, billing, task management, document assembly, and time. Clio appeals to many law firms because it integrates seamlessly with other apps such as Zapier, LawPay, and JurisPage. Also, since it is cloud-based, it allows professionals to work remotely.

8.      LEAP

It is a popular cloud-based software for case management, document automation, billing, and time tracking. One of LEAP’s greatest assets is its document/form assembly, which includes many forms and documents used in various jurisdictions. As such, it saves you time and effort used to create documents from scratch.

9.      ProLaw

It is a legal practice management, accounting, and document management solution that can be operated on-premise. ProLaw is an all-in-one solution that includes the three main components of running a practice. It is a good choice for small and midsize legal firms.

10.  PracticePanter

This software is a new yet rapidly growing software designed to streamline your legal firm’s operations. It offers a wealth of features, including task management, matter management, time tracking, legal calendaring, and client management. This solution has a client portal that enables clients to receive messages, view invoices, and make payments. It is fit for small and large practices.


Legal practice management software plays a vital role in helping legal professionals manage and optimize their daily operations. It gets more done in less time, and you spend most of your time strategizing and making money. Practice management software comes with appointment scheduling, contact management, billing and accounting, and document storage and sharing. While the above software are top-ranking, your law firm’s best software is one that meets your unique needs. Contact us for IT services and support for your law firm.