Time Matters in the Cloud

Time Matters is a popular practice management software ideal for small to medium-sized law firms. The tool provides solutions for organizing a firm's calendars, date, client documentation, and much more.

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Legal Tech Software

Time Matters in the Cloud: Your Firm’s Schedule Re-imagined

Prudent time management is an integral part of any successful legal practice. Today legal firms organizations leverage tech to increase efficiency, improve organization, and establish accountability. For law firms, solid legal case management software is the right tool for running the legal practice more effectively than a paper-based system.

If you are looking for dependable and user-friendly legal practice software for managing your day-to-day workflows and business operations within your law practice, Time Matters has you covered.

The Case For Time Matters (pun intended)

Time Matters is a popular practice management software ideal for small to medium-sized law firms. The tool provides solutions for organizing a firm’s calendars, date, client documentation, and much more. Incorporating the Time Matters software into your day-to-day operations can help you achieve the following:

Customized workflows

Time Matters can help you fully customize your workflows, documents, forms, and precedents and achieve higher productivity with much less. You can use the tool to quickly generate documents using Merge Templates that reduce typical errors common with manual creations. Additionally, it helps you stay highly organized by setting triggers for tasks based on approaching deadlines. The software also helps you automate all recurring tasks and manage emails, calendar entries, and research notes with much ease.

Enables internal collaboration

The software is designed to help you optimize data sharing within all levels of your organization, thanks to a centralized database. It also enables you to maintain an automated record of sensitive data related to ongoing cases and minimize malpractice risks. Other features that boost internal collaboration include functionality that allows for easy sharing of calendars and a TM Messenger that enhances communication among staff.

Data access control

Losing critical data can hamper the success of an ongoing case. Time Matters helps you control who sees and access critical information in your databases. It also guarantees compliance with all ethical and data security obligations as required by regulators. The software comes with features that effectively monitor all activities with prompt alerts on specific contacts and matters.

Data reporting

This tool also provides critical firm insights that are needed to make informed decisions. Ideally, you can create custom data reports on your staff, performance, productivity, outsourcing, and many more. You can also leverage the powerful conflict check search tool for contacts, matters, and clients.

Increase productivity

With Time Matters, anything related to a case can be located in seconds. Information such as contact information, case documents, email correspondences, notes, billing information, and many others are all contained inside the software. With everything on one platform, your staff will waste less time looking for matter-related information.

Onboarding new staff

A challenging part of onboarding staff is training. Time Matters enables automated workflows for easy process training. With an automated workflow, it is possible to build your processes into the training program. This enables you to achieve compliance across the entire workforce with minimal physical training needed.

Enables remote work

Time Matters in the cloud enables your staff to work from anywhere and at any time of the day for increased productivity. Integrating cloud into your Time Matters allows you to access your firm’s database from the web or a native app on your iOS or Android device. Ideally, your staff will continue working from any location as long as they have access to the internet.

Let Rekall Tech Help You Access Your Firm’s Database Remotely

Rekall Tech can help get your law firm into the cloud with exceptional ongoing IT support. We can migrate your Time Matters into Cloud and achieve end results that are flawless and cloud-based for your entire team to access from remote locations.

Notably, our experts will migrate the Time Matters to the cloud together with your entire firm’s infrastructure. We offer our free MS Office licensing with Rekall Cloud, configure Outlook for email and Word, and integrate both with Time Matters for best functionality, scalability, and efficiency.

We will also migrate your time and billing software to the cloud so that your Time Matters practice management software can link these pieces easily. Our goal is to recreate your office network in the cloud to achieve the same functionality and more versatility, productivity, organization, security, and zero downtime.

Once we migrate your Time Matters to the cloud, there will be no need to host, develop, or maintain the technologies in any way. The other key benefits that come with a Time Matters in the cloud include:

  • Enhanced data security and storage- Cloud data are typically stored on extremely secure servers, which are backed up routinely. Regular backups reduce the risk of losing crucial client case data. Also, Cloud’s hosting servers are encrypted to the highest levels. They also boast top-notch security measures that prevent unauthorized access.
  • No need to perform software maintenance– Time Matters in the cloud frees a lot of time to do what you do best; provide quality legal services to clients. Once you migrate into the cloud, the days when you had to act as an IT professional to run software updates and perform maintenance will be long gone. We will do this on your behalf and ensure your system is securely running on the newest version available. Our regular software updates mean you will experience less downtime while achieving higher productivity and greater peace of mind.
  • Integration with industry platforms– Time Matters in the cloud can integrate with platforms and industry portals you regularly use, ensuring your entire matter management process run smoothly. When you can access critical portals directly from your software, you will be in a better position to build your case, process information, and run billings without having to manually transfer data.

There is no doubt implementing Cloud-based practice management software for your law firm helps streamline business operations for a greater bottom line. If you are looking to migrate your Time Matters to the cloud but don’t know where to start, we are here to help. We will provide a custom Time Matters system migration to the Cloud-based on your specific needs. Contact us today for information about our cloud solutions.