Rekall’s Virtual CIO Service Helps Law Firms In 2021 Save On Their Overall Information Systems Support & Services 

Save your law firm money now. Hire Rekall Technologies as your trusted information systems support team and learn how you can save money now.

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Law Firm Tips

Rekall’s New Virtual CIO Service Helps Law Firms In 2021 Save On Their Information Systems Support & Services

As the nation’s #1 IT and private cloud provider for law firms, Rekall Technologies is constantly striving to provide the highest-quality services available on the market today. With an innovative approach to IT, Rekall Technologies’ team is proud to offer brand-new virtual CIO services that will help law firms just like yours save significant funds as they continue to grow.

As your virtual Chief Information Officer, a Rekall Technologies expert will ensure that your firm is not overspending on technology, as well as help you obtain long-term promotional deals with your providers. Better yet, this practical service comes included in each of Rekall’s unlimited remote support packages. The following information will provide valuable insight into the benefits of Rekall Technologies’ new auditing service.

Let Us Audit Your Information Systems Services & Support Bills

At Rekall Technologies, we are 100% committed to providing top-notch services that help our valued clients thrive. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to help our clients as much as we can — that’s why we are pleased to announce our new virtual CIO and auditing services that will help firms of all sizes save money.

By taking a closer look at our clients’ technology bills — even those that aren’t provided by Rekall Technologies — we can identify overspending, pinpoint which services your team is truly using and isolate the services that are wasting your hard-earned money. We are proud to be your IT and private cloud services provider as well as your advisor on the best technology investments and deals. By entering into the conversation about which services your firm is already paying for, our knowledgeable professionals can offer you valuable guidance that is sure to help your business grow.

Rekall’s vCIO Services Help Save On Information Services Support

Rekall Technologies’ virtual CIO services are effective and straightforward. To get started, a member of our team will ask you for a copy of your phone and Internet bills, as well as a copy of your copier lease and any other technology contracts that you may have. Our skilled team will carefully examine each bill and contact you with questions concerning the value of certain services, asking how often your team utilizes various features that you are paying for. This process has saved some of our valued clients hundreds of dollars every month — we know the right questions to ask and how to identify unnecessary add-ons and auxiliary services that providers may be pushing.

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your services and how much you are paying for them, we will contact your provider and save you money by taking advantage of promotions that they may be offering. Our professionals will even take a note of when your promotion ends so that we can call your provider on your behalf and renew the promotion. This way, you aren’t stuck wasting hundreds of dollars every month by paying for services that you don’t use. Biannual meetings will allow us to keep your technology bills in good shape and help your firm continue to prosper.

Let Rekall Technologies Be Your Information Systems Advocate

Let’s face it — there’s no need to keep paying for services that your team doesn’t need. Our Rekall Technologies team can go through your technology bills with a fine-tooth comb, eliminating dead phone lines, extra fax lines, superfluous add-ons, and more. With years of experience offering superb IT and private cloud services, we are a fantastic resource to steer your firm’s technology investments in the right direction and save you serious money along the way.

We know that your law firm is busy enough as it is — let us be your technology advocate. To learn more about our new virtual CIO and auditing services, simply connect with our friendly team by calling (800) 554-4166 or filling out our quick contact form today. We can’t wait to start saving you money!