How to Uninstall the May 2016 Windows 10 Forced Update

Ross SirotiI’ve been working with law firms for many years simplifying their technologies while offering them the very best services & support. The model that I have created is based on the reality that IT sucks, and frankly, no one likes it. My experience tells me that this is especially true for law firms. In

by | May 18, 2016 | Useful Tech Tips

Microsoft is getting extremely aggressive this week by sending out forcible Windows 10 updates for all Windows 7, 8, 8.1 PC’s. The update is so aggressive it does not offer users a choice to not upgrade, simply an OK button to comply with the upgrade to Windows 10.  To explain, this update will automatically update your PC to Windows 10.

10% – 15% of Windows 10 upgrades fail, causing the user for format their PC, the first reason to avoid this update. This is extremely aggressive marketing on the part of Microsoft. Due to security concerns with the operating system we are delaying Windows 10 roll-outs indefinitely and we suggest you do the same. One of the main reasons we are not updating to the latest Windows version is because it is widely known that Microsoft has built-in software that collects end user information, work tracking and other unknown statistics and end user data. The big question for Microsoft is that no one is sure where the spying ends within Windows 10. It is also well known that this data is then sold and used in marketing. Thus the major push for Windows 10 by Microsoft.

Below is a link to a batch file that will uninstall the latest Windows update as of May 15, 2016. You will have to run this file whenever you see the update pop up as it will re-appear as Windows updates naturally. Speak to your IT staff about killing this update on your network once and for all as we are doing this for our law firms. Your IT staff should be able to offer the same service and if not, give us a call.

Simply download, unzip, and run the Remove_MS_Upgrade_To_10.bat file. A black box will pop up and run the uninstallers. You should then restart your PC after 5 minutes to be safe and upon startup you should notice the Windows 10 logo update gone from your time bar at the bottom right of your screen. Please let us know if you have any trouble running this batch file.