How Lawyers can get the Most out of SEO

December 27, 2018

Law firms that invest in search engine optimization (SEO) reap the reward in the form of increased online traffic and that much more business in the months and years ahead.  A polished website with steadily increasing traffic will catapult your law firm ahead of the competition.  Here’s exactly what to enhance your SEO.

Content is King


Your website, blog, social media and other portions of your online footprint should be updated with SEO in mind.  Use industry and location-related keywords and key phrases throughout the entirety of the content, regardless of whether it is a blog post, social media status update or the homepage.  Furthermore, the content should help readers solve a problem or enjoy improved quality of life.  A business that helps customers solve problems will prove that much more attractive to web surfers as well as those who control the purse strings.


If you are unsure as to what type of content your audience is looking for or what key phrases and keywords are optimal to enhance your SEO, do not hesitate to ask for help.  Inbound marketing professionals know all the SEO strategies to boost local rankings, get on the first page or two of search engine results and ultimately expand your online footprint.


As an example, a keyword specialist will identify short-tail keywords that are fairly generic yet help in connecting with a large number of online visitors.  Alternatively, long-tail keywords are usually between three and five words in length and much more specific.  This type of keyword probably won’t drive as much traffic to the website as short-tail keywords yet they will stimulate  traffic.


Google’s Algorithm


Every attorney should understand the basics of search engines and SEO.  Google is the premier online search engine.  Google regularly updates its algorithm.  Each algorithm update enhances the company’s ability to rank possible responses to queries.  Such updates serve as the foundation on which the website is ranked when a query is initiated.  This ranking can be dramatically enhanced with the proper SEO tactics.


Use Strategic Calls-to-action


Do not forget to add a call-to-action to your website content.  A “Contact Us” tab should be prominently featured.  Feature your call-to-action “above the fold” of your homepage, meaning in the upper half, so online visitors are inclined to give it a click and reach out to your team for assistance.  When adding a call-to-action to other content, be sure to provide several points of contact such as a phone number, email address, street address, etc. so potential clients can reach you with ease.