Cloud Technologies 101: Which Platform is Best for Your Law Firm?

August 17, 2020

Odds are that you’ve heard about the cloud or know about cloud computing, but do you know the different types of cloud solutions that are available for law firms? The cloud comes in various models, ranging from public options such as AWS, to private ones like Rekall’s; hybrid solutions exist, too. To keep things simple, we’re going to be focusing on 2 different cloud models that are most applicable and useful for law firms. Moving to a cloud based solution allows you to benefit from a robust solution that modernizes your firm while simultaneously taking out the headaches of a traditional IT set up.


A Public/Hybrid cloud is ideal for firms with 1-10 users that have not invested in a dedicated document management system for their staff. Utilizing Microsoft’s Office 365 system alongside Rekall’s cloud infrastructure, this configuration offers your firm dedicated document storage, email security, and intra-office chat and calling via Microsoft Teams. Additionally, your entire staff receives 5 copies of Microsoft Office licensing per user, enabling each user to access all of their documents and applications across multiple devices for maximum work flexibility.  Further, this type of cloud is optimal for firms that use 1-2 legal applications, such as PCLaw or Time Matters. If your firm doesn’t want to host their own software locally as well as deal with application troubleshooting and support themselves, Rekall’s Private Cloud service features dedicated application storage, hosting, and technical support.


A Private, more comprehensive cloud model comes in the form of a hosted remote desktop configuration. With this setup, all of your firm’s legal applications, application data, and documents are hosted fully in the cloud, as opposed to the first cloud model which uses a combination of the cloud and Office 365 for hosting. Additionally, every user receives a fully configured cloud desktop, full email and cloud security, comprehensive IT support (including application troubleshooting), as well as enterprise firewall security. No matter which cloud model sounds the most appealing to you, Rekall can help get you started. Our technicians have a decade of experience tailoring cloud solutions for all types of law firms, no matter what size they are or what applications they use. Learn more about our onboarding process here.