Top Tech Tips for Legal Corporate Counsel

December 21, 2018

Attorneys at law firms of all sizes face myriad problems, especially when it comes to dealing with cutting spending on outside attorneys and determining how to best implement the latest tech advances.  Even if spending cannot be reined in, making it more predictable will certainly help.  Corporate counsel clearly has a number of hats to don yet minimal resources and time available to be proactive as opposed to reactive.  The question is how to create and implement strategic initiatives meant to decrease risk or generate values across posterity.  Let’s take a look at a few tech tips that will help corporate counsel.


Narrow Your Focus on the Digital Transition

There is a common misconception among members of corporate counsel that digital tech in and of itself is all that is necessary to heighten productivity, reduce costs and decrease risk.  In order to enjoy these benefits, corporate counsel will have to welcome technology and permit it to alter the way work is performed.  This digital transition is a lengthy process that will mandate alterations to the law firm’s operations as well as the workplace culture.

At its core, the tech transformation is centered on the use of digital technology to operate in a new manner that ultimately makes law firm employees smarter and highly efficient.  Such a transition is not possible unless mindsets, interactions and processes are altered.  Encourage the formation of a workplace culture that fosters change and your team will find it is that much easier to adjust to the influx of technology.


Take the Initiative With Digital Security

Corporate counsel is the department tasked with maintaining the law firm’s most sensitive information.  Do not take a chance with your digital security.  The last thing you need is for a contract or other important document exposed to cyber thieves.  Corporate counsel must be hyper-vigilant to ensure tech is used in the most secure manner possible.  However, the company’s weakest link has the potential to be the flaw that digital attackers use to infiltrate your system and steal sensitive data.

Perform a comprehensive assessment of the potential ways in which sensitive data can be lost.  An array of digital tech is  necessary to build numerous defenses along with a robust security perimeter.  Ideally, your defense will include tech that empowers corporate counsel to provide information to others based on their title, experience and other factors.


Search for Tech Platforms Rather Than Point Solutions

Your legal department’s IT should not be stuck in the days of comparably primitive enterprise software.  All sorts of superior tech solutions are available so you do not have to rely on difficult integrations to connect software applications.  It will certainly cost money to regularly update software yet firms that fail to make this investment will find their software does not suffice in terms of user experience, security, scaling, etc.