Tips to make the most of Microsoft Outlook & Office 365

December 21, 2018

Plenty of businesses and everyday people rely on Microsoft Outlook to organize calendars and emails.  The majority of these users certainly appreciate the software yet they do not fully understand its bevy of features.  Let’s take a look at how to make the most of Microsoft’s Outlook and Office 365.


Make use of Search Folders


You can search for just about anything in a folder by typing the desired text in the search field located above the messages.  If you are in search of something particular, the tasks will be simplified with the use of a Search Folder.  Click the Folder tab, click New Search and you will have a brand new folder that proves quite helpful.


Combine Messages or Use MailSortr


It will prove challenging to identify relevant messages if your business receives a considerable number of emails.  Outlook will certainly help in grouping messages into conversations.  This way, all it takes is one click to display relevant messages in a nearly instantaneous manner.  To display all messages in a global or per-mailbox manner, click the View tab, click Show as Conversations or click “Arrange By” at the head of the message list.


Encrypt Your Email Messages for Added Security


It is now possible to encrypt email text as well as attachments.  This way, only those with the shared key can access them.  Click the Trust Center Settings and choose Email Security to initiate encryption.


Repetitive Typing is a Mistake


If you use the same text in a repetitive manner, there is no sense in entering it over and over again when it can be automatically inserted in messages.  Simply highlight the text within the composer window, transition to the Insert table, select the Quick Parts drop down menu and choose Save to Quick Parts.  This way, as soon as you begin to type the phrase, you will see it manifest as a pop-up.  Click it for immediate insertion.


Block Those Undesired Emails


If your inbox is being spammed, you can block messages from senders by simply clicking the “Junk” drop down menu on the Home tab.  Choose Junk E-mail Options to trigger the opening of a new dialog box to specify exactly what you believe to be junk mail and what is not junk mail.  In fact, it is even possible to block full countries.  If the sender is known yet the conversation is irrelevant, select Ignore.  That conversation along with all subsequent emails will be transmitted to the Deleted Items folder.