PCLaw in the Cloud

March 18, 2021

Leveraging the Effectiveness of Running PCLaw in the Cloud

More and more law firms in the US are leveraging PCLaw to manage time, clients, matters, accounting, and billing. The powerful practice management and legal accounting solution have stayed relevant and useful to date.

Currently, however, most agencies now aim to get the most out of cloud computing. Firms nowadays want to serve their customers and conduct the billing from anywhere. They want a reliable platform that guarantees improved data security. Most also wish to stop managing and owning servers.

All these new requirements have prompted individual lawyers and firms to consider hosting PCLaw in the cloud.

Overview of PCLaw

This is a powerful software tool that law firms use to manage their customers, networks, schedules, billing, time, and accounts. The application is commonly used thanks to its robust functionalities and features. Notably, it’s among the rare practice management suites for lawyers that offer rich and deep tools that use different billing and accounting management approaches.

The software solution has come a long way and now offers additional practice management functionalities beyond accounting and billing. Nowadays, you can easily manage your law firm’s full cycle, including contact and customer management, matter management, and much more. The evolution has made it the ideal all-in-one tool for many firms.

Today, law firms can run this software in a private cloud.

Hosting PCLaw in the Cloud

Initially, the most effective way of leveraging PCLaw functionality and benefits was buying a server, installing it in your infrastructure, and paying an expert to keep it functional. For most law firms, in-house IT consultants and on-premise servers have always been a necessary evil.

Fortunately, such is no longer the case in this current era, where every company migrates to cloud computing. Nowadays, more professionals and firms in the united states opt to host PCLaw in the cloud. This allows them to enjoy the reliability, security, and flexibility of cloud computing and the functionality of PCLaw.

The private cloud is what makes it possible to host PCLaw in the cloud. In essence, this platform hosts your law firm’s documents, email, and software like PCLaw on a single, fully-managed, centralized platform. The result is that your data, applications, and email will be more available to authorized members of the firm regardless of their location. In this setup, your cloud provider will be responsible for your company data security and backups.

The private cloud converts your cloud provider into your server and IT team.

How PCLaw Works in the Cloud

Running PCLaw in the cloud requires your staff to access a virtual desktop where they’ll find applications, documents, and the company email. The team can log into this desktop remotely, whether in the office, at home, or on the customer’s site. You can also use any device to log in from your laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Cloud hosting eliminates full dependence on on-premise devices or computers. You can leverage all PCLaw tools for effective billing, performance tracking, compliance, and capturing more time from any location.

Functionally, you’ll be logging into a remote system. When you open an application like PCLaw, your work will take place on the server and not on the specific device you’re using. With the current internet speed, the process can be seamless and secure, just like it would be if you completed the task on your office desktop.

The private cloud converts your cloud provider into your server and IT team.

PCLaw is indeed a holistic solution for today’s law firms with ever-changing needs and tech environments. Migrating it to the cloud makes it even better thanks to its secure access, remote functionalities, and easy upgrade capability.

Benefits of Running PCLaw in the Cloud

Moving your entire office to the cloud could offer several benefits. Let’s explore:

  • You’ll stick to your efficient PCLaw software – Transferring your operations and data from one legal software to another is time-consuming and tedious. Most law firms that attempt to replace their server-based software with basic, web-based platforms end up disappointed and often return to PCLaw again. Running PCLaw in the cloud lets you use your ideal practice management software.
  • Security boost – You definitely encounter and store your client’s private data, alongside the sensitive details of their cases, so you can’t afford to suffer a data breach. If you host PCLaw in the cloud, you’ll achieve a higher security level than when you own your server and handle security yourself.
  • Maintained functionality – Switching to the less effective web-based management systems isn’t required to enjoy the cloud’s security, reliability, and accessibility. Instead, you’ll maintain your documents, software, and email on the private cloud.
  • A more economical solution – Most law firms find it more economical to host PCLaw in the cloud than office servers. Onsite servers must be purchased, and an IT professional hired to manage the system. You’ll also purchase antivirus and pay for backups, upgrades, and repairs. Private cloud solutions charge a monthly fee that’s more predictable and manageable.
  • Mobility – Hosting your applications and data in the cloud allows every member of your team to access software and data remotely and on their preferred device. This will enable you to access customer and case information on the go.
  • Scalability – Almost every private cloud solution allows you to remove or add resources based on your growing needs. PCLaw in the cloud has the “grow as you go” and “pay as you go” models that makes scaling predictable and manageable.
  • Reliability – Running PCLaw from the private cloud significantly boosts your data and system reliability compared to a server within your workstation. Most cloud infrastructures are very reliable, offering up to 99.99 percent uptime. All technical issues will be your provider’s responsibility.

The Bottom Line

The last few years have seen numerous law firms migrate their data, apps, and documents to the cloud. What most attorneys thought was a bleeding-edge has now turned mainstream. It’s now a threshold on how companies should run their technology and data. Lawyers, specifically, have so much to gain by running PCLaw in the cloud.

Rekall Technologies, the nation’s number one private cloud centered on law firms, is here to help you run PCLaw and other applications in the cloud. We’ll help you get rid of office servers and offer the insights of a reliable legal-tech expert to simplify your technology and optimize your operations.

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