The History of Rekall Technologies’ Unbeatable Helpdesk Service

February 21, 2021

The History of Rekall Technologies’ Unbeatable Helpdesk Service

Don’t wait until tomorrow to get your IT problem fixed — Rekall Technologies offers 8AM – 9PM availability seven days a week because we know that responsive support is the foundation of an effective service.

We’ve all been there before: an issue comes up, and of course, you can’t get a hold of the IT guy. You’re then stuck waiting hours — or worse, days — for someone to call you back and get around to helping you find a solution.

The truth is, you deserve better.

The quality of your IT support doesn’t always come down to IT. No matter how knowledgeable your IT team may be, it won’t matter if they aren’t available to help you when you need it. The fact is that 69% of IT issues can be solved in one touch — but if no one is there to help you, you still won’t be able to get back to work.

IT support is about response – is your IT support available here when you call them? Can you get a hold of your IT support when you need it? Are your IT services just a phone call away?

It’s questions like these that prompted the Rekall Technologies team to develop an unbeatable helpDesk service.

A Brief History Of Rekall Technologies’ Helpdesk Services

The Rekall Technologies team has not always offered the extensive helpdesk service that we do today. It has been carefully developed over the course of many years, based on feedback from our clients.

Originally, we offered a simple 9AM – 5PM service like many of our competitors. For those that needed it, we also offered after-hours support, at an additional rate. However, as many of our clients were (and continue to be) law firms and members of the legal industry, it didn’t take long for us to learn that this window of support was far too limited.

As we continually sought feedback from our clients to further develop and improve our services, it became clear that law firms often needed support in the evening as well. As we gained more clients in the legal industry and hired additional support technicians, we extended our regular support hours later into the evening.

It wasn’t long until we expanded hours later into the evening again, and then added weekend service as well, having noted that none of our competitors offered it. Eventually, as we gained more and more clients, it became necessary to offer early morning support as well.

Similarly, while at the beginning we only offered email-based support, it didn’t take long to realize that many clients wanted a helpdesk phone line to call. Often, when a user is faced with a critical IT issue, they don’t want to (or simply can’t) send an email and hope it reaches the right person. They want to talk to someone about the problem — that’s why we added a support phone line to our services, staffed by a Rekall Technologies staff member (as opposed to an outsourced third-party service).

Today, we have standardized our extended support hours: 8AM – 9PM, seven days a week,  making them the baseline for all of our clients. This robust support service didn’t happen overnight — it required careful development of our service strategy and our support team, all of which was based on feedback from our clients.

3 Ways Our Clients Can Access Fast & Effective Support

  1. Email: Emailing is one way that Rekall clients can access support. Support emails are sent to the Rekall support helpdesk. Once received, a technician will call you back, assess the situation and resolve your issue accurately and expediently.
  2. Web: Visit our online Helpdesk portal and log a ticket directly with our system, after which a technician will call you back to resolve the issue.
  3. Phone: If your email is down and cannot contact support, Rekall offers clients the ability to create support tickets by phone. Simply call (800) 554-4166 and a technician will assist you.

No matter what issue your firm is facing, you will always be able to contact the Rekall support staff and generally get a response within 10-15 minutes.

Rekall Technologies Is There When You Need Help

You need the best IT services to thrive, as simple as that. From productivity to security to communication — IT is at the heart of it all. That’s why you can’t cut corners on IT support: get the help you need from Rekall Technologies.