Digitally Transform with Microsoft Teams

December 21, 2018

Microsoft Teams has emerged as quite the important tool for collaboration.  Make use of Microsoft Teams and you will be able to fast-track the digital transformation of your legal organization.  Let’s take a look at the numerous purposes of this collaboration tool.


About Microsoft Teams


If you are looking for a way to facilitate teamwork between the employees at your law firm, Microsoft Teams is right up your alley.  This tool makes it easy to communicate in online chats and meetings.  Launched in March of 2017, Microsoft Teams has been seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office 365.  Your team can access Microsoft Teams at any place and any time through the mobile and desktop applications.


This tool is especially appealing to law firms as it provides an incredibly high level of security.  Furthermore, Microsoft Teams allows for compliance that law firms of every type need.  As an example, Microsoft Teams is in full compliance with important compliance standards ranging from SOC 1 and 2 to ISO, SSAE 16 and beyond.  Furthermore, this platform allows for two-factor authentication across the entirety of the organization, allowing for a single sign-on by way of the Microsoft Active Directory and the encryption of information as it is transmitted and stored.


Do not be Intimidated by This Software


Plenty of attorneys, especially those without a strong tech background, might be intimidated by Microsoft Teams.  However, this software is actually quite easy to use.  Give this collaboration tool a try and your team will find it is truly intuitive.  You can assemble a new team with ease.  Simply create a team name, describe the team and designate its status as private or public.  You can choose individuals to join and add specific channels to the team to boost information organization.


As soon as the new team is made, the team members can begin posting information to the rest of the group.  The information is provided to the team in numerous ways.  Members can view everything from messages to OneNotes, Word documents, emails, videos, etc.  Data is stored in a repository-like manner to facilitate collaboration.  Team members are even empowered to search Microsoft Teams to find specific information in a timely manner.  This incredible access to data combined with the use of the software’s numerous product features really do empower attorneys and other professionals in the legal industry to work that much more productively.


You can Even Team up With Business Clients in Microsoft Teams


It is not only legal colleagues who can collaborate with one another on Microsoft Teams; attorneys and other legal professionals can also use this platform to facilitate interactions with clients.  Go ahead and use this software to share essential information with clients, clear up legal issues and ultimately enhance client relations.  Happy clients who are kept in the loop are that much more inclined to reward your law firm with continued business across posterity.