Client Management and the Future of Law

November 27, 2018

Customer relationship management, also known as CMR, is software that extends beyond contact management to help with intake management.  In the context of the law, the client intake process is akin to a sales funnel of sorts.  However, when it comes to law firms, those high-pressure sales tactics that might work in some other industries will prove useless.  In the context of law, sales means managing each touch point to guarantee all expectations are met.  It is up to law firm personnel to ensure no single inquiry from a potential client is lost in the shuffle.



CRM Software for Law Firms


CRM software guarantees your team is aware of the next stage necessary to advance a relationship.  Though plenty of law firms have not yet implemented such software, it is gaining traction in the legal community.  According to the American Bar Association’s 2018 Legal Technology Survey Report, CRM tools have an adoption rate in excess of 40 percent.  This software ensures your law firm as well as the potential client understand the next steps for legal matters and how to keep progressing.  These tools have advanced to the point that they can streamline the process required for collecting information on a matter.  CRM software even facilitates the scheduling of meetings to ensure all relevant parties have access to the latest information at every point in time.



Improved Responsiveness in the Cloud


According to the latest American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey Report, there most glaring communications trend is the spike in remote work conducted through software based on the cloud.  There has clearly been a massive shift in how attorneys apply technology to their work.  Just like every other business, law firms are focused on improving convenience while bolstering security and increasing flexibility.  Have your legal team tap into CMR software and the cloud and everyone will be able to work regardless of their physical location.



CRM is a Selling Point for Your Law Firm


If you are hesitant to make the transition to CRM and the cloud, consider the fact that such tech is a selling point.  It will be that much easier to recruit new clients when you can point to your use of tech to improve efficiency.  These tools empower your legal team to manage their case load and establish seamless workflows with minimal effort.


Furthermore, enhanced flexibility will encourage satisfied clients to tout the merits of your law firm to others in need of legal services.  Use CRM to provide a holistic experience centered on clients, provide essential client support and it will be that much easier to exceed client expectations.