Ken Thomson

Manning Caliendo & Thomson

“I cannot say enough good things about Rekall. We have been utilizing their cloud base service for several years now and we have had absolutely zero downtime. The technicians address any problems very quickly and as a result our staff is able to work without any interruption. The staff is knowledgeable about both PC and Mac products. They also are quick to provide solutions to any  software or application integration issues. I highly recommend their service to law firms or any company, large or small. If you are looking for a cloud based service or expert IT solutions Rekall is the way to go.”

William H. Healey

Kluger Healey LLC

“Rekall has proven to be far more than the typical “IT company.” Rekall has demonstrated, from day one a tireless interest in finding the best and most cost-effective solutions for us. Rekall has helped us get the most out of our computers and other systems through their unique ability to make technology understandable. Their technical expertise, communication skills, responsiveness, and attitude are outstanding. We feel we have a “partnership” with Rekall Technologies, and look forward to involving them as our practice grows.”

Larry Krantz

Krantz & Berman LLP

“We moved to Rekall’s cloud platform for our small law firm a few years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  It has worked seamlessly, and has eliminated almost all of our IT issues.  The staff have been great.  We also use Rekall for our tech support for all aspects of our system, and that has also worked very well. Cost efficient and effective.”

Dave Alexander

Bell Alexander Title

“Rekall Technologies has literally changed my life. Until a few years ago, I drove to work every day, worked 8 (or 10, or 12) hours, and drove home. Due to family illnesses, and other issues, I now split time between Wisconsin & Tennessee. Rekall has provided a solid platform for us to move a large part of our business operations to the cloud, allowing me to work wherever and whenever, as long as I have internet access. Using Rekall to break the chains of the traditional 8 hour work day at a fixed location has improved my productivity while also allowing me the time to tend to my personal responsibilities, as well. Thank you, Rekall Technologies! “

Michael Geller

Law Office of Michael Geller, LLC

“It was one of the best IT decisions I ever made.  It is wonderful not having to support an IT department or worry about back-up and server updates and related IT tasks.  Technical support has been great.”

Carolyn Gallagher

Bolan Jahnsen Dacey Law Firm

“Our firm has been using Rekall Technologies since its inception. We’ve worked with a few IT companies, and I have to say that Rekall’s response times are amazing, sometimes within 5 minutes of the request. With Rekall’s support, it’s like having an IT guy on staff here waiting to help, it’s that fast. Problems are identified and handled seamlessly, keeping everyone here running smoothly which is my number 1 priority. It has been a pleasure to work with Rekall and we plan to continue working with Rekall as our firm grows.”

John Hoyle III, Esq.

Hoyle Law, LLC

“Rekall rocks! Since switching to Rekall Cloud our firm has become more productive than ever. Our systems are always up and running with no downtime. On any computer, anywhere, or anytime I am able to access all firm documents and legal software programs—it’s as if I am physically sitting at my desk in my office. The Rekall support staff is excellent as well. Whenever a question may arise, I receive prompt and competent attention from a real live person (usually within a minute or two) familiar with our system and the needs of our firm. I’m not sure how they do it but Rekall Cloud consistently treats us as if we were their only client. Keep up the extraordinary work Rekall! “

John P. Maldjian

Maldjian Law Group LLC

“Rekall has guided us through the entire process of migrating our firm’s data securely to the Rekall Cloud. They were able to do something many other technology firms struggle with, which is explain technical functions and processes in a manner a non-technical person can understand. Since we migrated to the Rekall Cloud, our efficiency has improved, which has resulted in our ability to complete daily job functions in a more timely manner. The Rekall Cloud has also fixed issues we historically struggled with relating to remote-access, iManage, and PClaw. Rekall’s guidance has allowed us to access our systems seamlessly at anytime, anywhere, without concerns about system crashes or hiccups. Rekall is always available to assist with any requests we have or just to field questions. This IT/Cloud migration was one of the best moves we have ever made.”

Scott S. Servilla

Servilla Whitney LLC

“We’ve been working with Rekall for a long while and have been very pleased with their solutions and support over the years. What impresses me the most is their hustle, they always respond quickly no matter the issue, sometimes within 2 minutes of an email. After dealing with other IT companies, my staff and I are grateful that we found Rekall. These guys really know how to support a law firm”

Lee B. Gartner

Lee Gartner Law Offices

“I just want to thank you and your staff, making the transition to the cloud a better experience than I expected. I interviewed and researched a number of cloud companies before deciding to go with Rekall. This was a big move for me since I have practiced law for more than 40 years and have significant data. I had been utilizing Time Matters as my case management and document management system for almost 20 years and on a number of occasions their tech support people are amazed at how much data my office is generated. From what I have been able to gather from other Time Matters users is that I utilize the program more extensively than others which was one of the reasons I took a hands-on approach when interviewing various cloud companies. As I discussed with each cloud company during the interview process I insisted that the scanning feature of Time Matters must work seamlessly. Rekall indicated that they had a solution available which was only one of the reasons I chose Rekall. Since this was considered by my office to be a big move I took my time interviewing and ultimately concluded Rekall was my final choice. Rekall solved all the data issues as well as any software issues that I have with regard to any other programs being utilized by my office which were out of the ordinary. I have been on your system almost 7 weeks and wanted to now express how satisfied I am with the Rekall Cloud product. Enough time has passed for me to see the work product of Rekall and make my ultimate conclusions. I am extremely satisfied, thanks Rekall.”

Deborah A. Colson

Colson Law

“We started working with Rekall based on a referral from a neighboring law firm. We began with an office move and an email migration to a better system. I was most impressed with the organization of their team during our office move. They finalized our project on the low end of the estimated time proposed and left us with a fully functioning office. I can say the same for our mail migration. It was such a seamless transition. Their support and communication is also fantastic. They always answer the phone when we need them, which is not the norm in my experience. Law firms need reliable IT. I consider our firm very lucky to have found Rekall.”

Jack Carney-DeBord

Jack’s Law Office

“I’m happy to say that I now have a law firm in the cloud thanks to Rekall Technologies. They host my data, back it up, offer security, MS Office licensing for free and great support. I no longer have to manage all of these things and I can fully focus on my practice. I recommend Rekall to any attorney looking to simplify their firm technology and to any firm looking to have ZERO downtime. I love not having to manage a server and Microsoft licensing, that’s the best part for me.”