Here’s How to Get Fios Up & Running During a Power Outage

Ross SirotiI’ve been working with law firms for many years simplifying their technologies while offering them the very best services & support. The model that I have created is based on the reality that IT sucks, and frankly, no one likes it. My experience tells me that this is especially true for law firms. In

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Notice: We are NOT Verizon. Please do not contact us if you are experiencing an issue with Fios. Verizon support can be reached here.

Working during a power outage is always a struggle, but did you know that if you have Verizon Fios you can get your internet working. Every home with Fios has an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) most likely in a closet or a basement. Here’s what they look like… Verizon2 Verizon3 On the left side there is a compartment for a battery which Verizon no longer provides. Technically the battery is to keep your voice lines alive in a storm so that you can call 911 is need be, but the battery also provides power for your internet, so the first tip is to make sure you have a battery in your ONT and replace it when it starts to beep with a red LED. The battery should last a few days with no power, also do not forget to also power your Fios modem. Technically if you also power a TV and a cable box, TV will work also. Here’s another tip. Lets say the battery dies in your ONT or there is no battery in the ONT at all. This unit does plug into the wall where it gets it’s primary power to run the device and charge the battery. A generator, a car power inverter, or even a simple desktop battery backup UPS device can run this unit as well. Just don’t forget to also power the Fios modem. If your the type of person that can’t stop working even during a storm, a generator with a power strip and a few very long extention cables can really save the day. Please keep in mind that this will not work for Cable internet. Cable company ONT’s are on the street and receive city power with no backup. Verizon clients are fortunate that they have a backup plan when disaster strikes.