Rekall’s Superior Helpdesk Support

An IT company is only as good as its provided support which is why Rekall puts a huge emphasis on quick response times, consistent client follow-up, and same day onsite support. Rekall offers flexible support plans that suite both large and small company budgets in three ways.

Rekall Helpdesk Technicians Support All Business Technologies

Workstation Support

Android Device Support

Printer Support

Internet Connectivity Support

Voip & Phone Service Support

Spyware Support

Email & Exchange Support

Legal Application Support

Unlimited Support

Laptop Support

Mobile Device Support

Scanner Support

Firewall Support

Fax Support

Malware Support

Domain Support

Billing Application Support

Document Management App Support

Server Support

Tablet Support

Apple & Mac Device Support

Copy Machine Support

Router Support

Virus Support

DNS & Website Support

Ransomware Support

Accounting Application Support

Two Ways to Access Support

No matter what downtime your firm is facing, you will always be able to contact the Rekall support staff due to the dual support setup employed by Rekall. In the case of a serious emergency, your firm’s IT liaison will be equipped with a Rekall principal’s cell phone number for guaranteed access to a technician.


Emailing support@rekalltechnologies.com is one way Rekall clients access support. Support emails are sent to the Rekall support helpdesk. Once received, a technician will call you back, assess the situation and resolve your issue accurately and expediently.


If your email is down and cannot contact support, Rekall offers clients the ability to create support tickets by phone. Simply call (800) 554-4166 and a technician will assist you.

Get in touch and let Rekall start solving your problems today!

“Rekall has proven to be far more than the typical IT company. Rekall has demonstrated, from day one a tireless interest in finding the best and most cost-effective solutions for us…”

William H. Healey

Partner, Kluger Healy LLC

“We moved to Rekall’s cloud platform for our small law firm a few years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. It has worked seamlessly, and has eliminated almost all of our IT issues…”
Larry H. Krantz

Partner, Krantz & Berman LLP

“Rekall has proven to be far more than the typical IT company. We have been utilizing their cloud base service for several years now and we have had absolutely zero downtime…”

Kenneth L. Thomson

Partner, Manning Caliendo & Thomson