Track & Bill Time Anywhere on Any Device with PCLaw in the Cloud

Migrating PCLaw to a private cloud is our most popular request. Imagine billing time from your iPad while on vacation with full compliance, security, encryption, zero downtime, and peace of mind. This exact scenario is what Rekall Cloud offers law firms every day. What firms recieve is a truly private PCLaw cloud that increases firm productivity by giving firm users the ability to track & post time, produce reports and bill from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

How Does PCLaw Work in the Cloud?

Rekall Cloud offers law firms a private Windows based desktop in the cloud configured with PCLaw, Microsoft Office licensing & any other firm applications you wish. From the cloud you will be able to work in the same manner as you do right now. Fundamental tasks like printing, scanning, web searching, typing in Word, and posting time in PCLaw will operate identically, but faster on the cloud. Let Rekall create a true PCLaw cloud for your firm and offer you the freedom to bill & track time from anywhere, at anytime and from any device.

PCLaw Cloud Hosting Benefits

PCLaw Cloud

Right now you’re probably running PCLaw from an on-premise server in your office. Your server is susceptible to fire, theft, network downtime & crashes while the list goes on. You probably back up PCLaw every night but most of you don’t. You should be running a Verify Data Integrity check on the database at least once a month. Most people don’t know about this very important process. The people that know don’t do it as often as they should. Imagine starting over with an empty set of books due to a catastrophic database corruption, this happens more often than you think with PCLaw. Rekall not only guarantees a daily backup but will run a VDI on your database once a month on an organized schedule. Your PCLaw data will be replicated across two Tier III data facilities on the East Coast and the Mid-West. Daily image level backups offer the ability to restore your server or a specific file within minutes. This level of data assurance, included security services, and dedication to support simply cannot be reproduced in a traditional “server in the office” environment.

PCLaw Cloud Hosting For Canadian & International Firms

PCLaw Cloud

We’re aware that PCLaw is widely used in Canada and also internationally. With dual Tier III data facilities inside the United States the Rekall Cloud does support fast access from all of North America and around the world. Rekall currently support clients in the United States, Canada & Europe. Attorneys and paralegals remote in to work on their PCLaw cloud servers and receive quick and accurate response times with no typing delay or latency. Speeds do depend on local internet bandwidth which is why we investigate internet speeds during the quoting process. From a support standpoint we do have hours of operation to accommodate law firms in different time zones as well. These features bundled together make the Rekall Cloud perfect for traveling attorneys or firms with international offices.

PCLaw Data Security on a Private Cloud

PCLaw Cloud

Client anonymity on the Rekall Cloud is top priority. Cloud clients are separated by way of hardware and software boundaries. Servers are never shared between clients as clients always receive their own private servers. Data is stored in dual Tier III data facilities complete with security checkpoints, biometric & retinal access scanners, zoned chemical fire suppression systems, and diesel generators with a diesel fuel stockpile just to name a few security features protecting your data and its availability. Clients connect to the cloud via 256bit encrypted VPN tunnels, military grade. Due to these security policies, your PCLaw cloud data will be more secure on the Rekall Cloud than within your office or any other cloud vendor. We offer more free and included security services than any other cloud vendor in North America. Due to our high profile clientele, we must make security a top priority for all clients within the Rekall Cloud, not just the large ones.

Rekall is a Different Cloud Vendor

PCLaw Cloud

While Rekall Technologies offers IT services to law firms, Rekall Cloud is our cloud division offering private cloud & helpdesk support services to law firms on an international scale. What sets us apart from other cloud vendors is the fact that we run a fully private cloud. This means that we own all of our servers, our cloud architecture is proprietary to our IT firm, and we maintain our entire infrastructure in-house within dual Tier III data facilities. Only Rekall staff has access to our back-end server farms. This means no outsourcing of support to third party vendors and no reselling of sub-par public cloud services. If a client has a problem there is one company to call, Rekall. There is no finger pointing, no delay in service, and no vendor blame game. These games only hurt the client which is why we have chosen to own it all, manage it all, and accept full accountability in the name of superior support and exceptional IT service.

Redundant Data Facilities Guarantee Zero Downtime

Rekall Cloud Tier III Facility Security

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