Rekall Cloud makes it easy to host HotDocs on a private cloud. The migration is fast, the user experience is seamless and HotDocs works flawlessly in the cloud. HotDocs looks the same, feels the same, and functions identically to working on a traditional desktop. Clients always have the choice to move HotDocs by itself or HotDocs as well as time & billing software and firm docs for a total cloud environment. HotDocs on Rekall Cloud is a bring your own licensing model. This means that your firm must have their own HotDocs licensing to utilize Rekall Cloud services. Whether working from home or the office, your local printers automatically redirect to the cloud making printing a breeze. With HotDocs on Rekall Cloud users can access HotDocs from anywhere at any time and from any internet ready device.

Work More Efficiently on Rekall Cloud

Harness the processing power of Rekall’s state of the art enterprise server architecture that makes HotDocs printing, document generation, and search functions even faster in the cloud. Each user is given a cloud desktop reminiscent to Windows 7 complete with Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and any other applications the firm wishes load onto the cloud. Through their cloud desktops, users are able to work seamlessly navigating in and out of their native applications, HotDocs, Outlook, Word, Excel, with no difference in functionality what so ever. Printing & scanning functionalities operate flawlessly in the cloud as well. The user experience is identical to that of a local PC but with heightened performance and blinding speeds creating an extremely low learning curve for users and increased productivity firm wide.

Add Firm Wide Agility & Versatility

On Rekall Cloud your cloud environment will grow as your firm grows. Think of the cloud as a pie, as your firm grows we offer you larger slices of that pie to an unlimited degree. In technical terms, CPU processing, RAM and storage is available and upgradable for all cloud clients.

Access Firm Data Anywhere at Anytime

Rekall Cloud also supports remote access from mobile devices such as Apple, Android & Windows. We have many attorneys who log in via their iPad to check firm document on the road and in the courthouse on a regular basis. Rekall Cloud is also World Wide. Currently Rekall works with a law firm based in Israel who has their entire firm infrastructure on the Rekall Cloud and accesses our Tier III data facility in New Jersey with zero latency or slowdowns. Rekall Cloud is simply the only cloud solution for serious law firms.

Superior Helpdesk Support

Rekall Cloud clients are given access to our top of the line helpdesk support. Rekall has supported countless attorneys, paralegals & legal admins. Our techs are US based and have been working with law firms for many years. Let us support your Microsoft Office, Amicus Attorney Premium, document management, and time & billing software. With Rekall Cloud you will always have someone to call in case of emergency or even for a simple question. Response times are fast, support agents are courteous & down to earth, and they also understand the value of quality support. Rekall Cloud offers the total package to support your law firm on and off the cloud.

How Secure is Rekall Cloud?

Rekall has partnered with one of the only Tier III data centers in the country to create a fully secure & redundant private cloud solution for law firms. It is also the largest data center in the New York, New Jersey metro area. Clients always connect to their cloud servers via secure encrypted VPN tunnels that encrypt all data to and from the cloud. Internally, cloud clients are separated by hardware and software technologies making it impossible for cloud clients to access each other’s data. It is this specialized architecture that has been implemented between network hardware, enterprise firewalls and top of the line servers that secure the network from outside intrusion attempts and internal data leaks.

Rekall Cloud Security Specs
  • • 99.995% Uptime SLA for Power & Network
  • • 128-bit 2-Way VPN traffic encryption
  • • 24x7 monitoring on all cloud hardware
  • • 24x7 log monitoring for attempted login activity
  • • Enterprise level firewalls
  • • Upheld user password complexity standards
  • • Email encryption with compliance standards
  • • Segmented client data
  • • Data leak prevention systems
  • • Encrypted FTP transfer for cloud migrations
Rekall Cloud Pricing

If your firm cannot accept downtime, loss of billable hours and wants to lower your IT costs while at the same time work in a secure environment there is only one choice, Rekall Cloud. In order to get an accurate cost for the cloud please feel free to request a cloud quote.

Pricing Factors
  • • Firm user amount that will access the cloud
  • • Apps that the firm wishes to use in the cloud
  • • Amount of data a firm wishes to migrate to the cloud
  • • Type of email system the firm is currently working with
  • • Optional local firewall protection
  • • Does the firm need Microsoft Office Standard or Professional
  • • Does the firm need Microsoft Office at all?

Get in touch and let Rekall start solving your problems today!

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