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Educated Attorney Software Review: Credenza

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Law Firm TechTips, Legal Software Reviews, Legal TechTalk Blog | 44 comments


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First of all, lets cover the basics. Credenza integrates nicely with Outlook, in fact, the entire program is within Outlook. It actually snaps in and integrates with a sidebar which is great and easy. Installation is a breeze and it also integrates with popular accounting software like Quickbooks & Timeslips. For the solo practitioners, your in luck, it’s free for a single user license. For more than 1 user, it’s actually very affordable @ $24.95/month/user. I like to think of Credenza as the first stop toward document management. Credenza is easy enough to work with that it will ease you into larger and more functional applications as your firm grows.


Accessing email, documents and billing information can be easily done through Outlook from Credenza Files. With Credenza you have the option to work  within Outlook. Often times, law firms skip document management systems due to the lack of support by Outlook or if the application looks scary or intimidating to learn. Credenza is easy to work with and support Outlook fully. What’s great about Credenza is that some say it’s like Amicus Lite. Since Credenza & Amicus were both made by the same companies, there are similar functionality between the 2, but as a whole Amicus is a much more beefier product. The benefit is that you can work on Credenza for a whole, as your firm grows, you can upgrade to Amicus and not be totally in the dark in terms of functionality and use.


Credenza will track your billed time. It can be configured to automatically update Quickbooks and also, automatically remind you to track any unbilled time. There is also a portion of Credenza which track phone calls and phone call notes. Any information received during a phone call can be easily documented within the phone call note function. As far a document security goes, a single user that does not want to share their documents with other users in the firm has the ability to do so.


Credenza looks good for small firms, The price is right and it’s awesome that it integrates with Outlook so well. I don’t see many negatives here. For more detailed information watch the overview video with the link above, it provides some more detailed information in terms of billing, time tracking and functionality. If you a small firm that is in dire need of some management software, I say go with Credenza. It’s cheap, very functional, and very easy to learn, especially if your involved with Outlook already.

Great Credenza Video Overview:

2 Responses to “Educated Attorney Software Review: Credenza”

  1. We are a small firm and used Credenza for a while in 2012-2013. There are significant problems with the billing feature of this software. The technical support team at Gavel and Gown are not responsive, and they seem unable to fix things, so we had to cancel our license. In theory the software sounds good, but in practice it does not run well. Buyer beware.

  2. I agree with the comment from Annis & Zeller. Credenza is nice in theory – working in an Outlook environment – but it has problems. I have used it in 2012 -2013 and previously used Amicus Attorney for years which is all part of the same organization in Toronto. When Credenza works right, it is excellent. The problem is that they are still working out the bugs and I have wasted countless hours with their tech support people trying to get the software to work right. They are very nice at the tech support dept but the software has major problems with its billing module and also we have had trouble linking contacts to files and synchronizing data between team members. I am looking into migrating to another practice management software. The software is painfully slow to load so that every time you close Outlook you will be waiting a long time to get back to work while it restarts. The software also freezes or crashes Outlook or the computer at times. I really want to like Credenza but it is a love-hate relationship and I am growing tired of trying to get it to work correctly. I have probably lost more money in billable time than I saved by choosing Credenza over other more expensive alternatives. It may be time soon to say goodbye to Credenza, although I have been hesitant to do so.

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