Your Cloud Migration Process

All migrations are done during over the weekend at no extra cost. Rekall will work around your company’s schedule and offer you a private cloud migration with zero work disruption or downtime.

Planning & Organization

A Rekall technician team will be assigned your cloud migration project as a contact will be chosen to work with Rekall. The Rekall team lead will reach out to the business contact to organize and set expectations. A “go live” date will be organized between the team lead and  contact.


Your Rekall tech team will remote onto your local network in an attempt to learn how your company works. Software configurations will be duplicated on the Rekall Cloud. Email will be reviewed to prep for a mail migration if the client has opted in for this service.

Email Migration (Optional)

All company email will be migrated to Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Email, Contact, Calendars, Notes & Tasks will be migrated over for all users. Prior to the weekend migration, a cell phone list depicting user cell phone numbers will be organized. Over the migration weekend users will be contacted to setup email access on their mobile devices.

Building & Prepping

Your Rekall tech team will start building out your private cloud servers to spec. Technicians will start transferring your local data to the cloud via encrypted tunnels. User desktops, apps & mapped drives are configured to look identical, as they were prior to the cloud migration. Scanners, printers, and all network devices will be configured to work. Local desktop monitoring applications including antivirus will be install on local PCs.

Third Party Apps

Third party apps are installed and configured by Rekall or the software vendor themselves. A Rekall team lead will reach out to the company contact to test application functions and make sure everything is in working order according to firm standards. The contact will be given preliminary access to the cloud servers to fully test the system. Rekall will only move forward based on their approval.


Rekall technicians will train the company contact on cloud access functions as well as firm members. Users will learn that working on Rekall’s private cloud is not so different than working locally as they once did. Users will learn how to copy files up and down, to and from the cloud among many other tips & tricks to make their cloud experience more enjoyable.

Mobile Device Access

A configuration schedule will be organized for all user laptops & mobile devices to be connected. Convenient times for end users will be organized for home and mobile device configurations. Times for home & mobile device connectivity setups may be set during working hours, after hours, or weekends.

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