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Rekall’s Law Firm Guide to the Cloud
2 Credits / Professional Responsibility

The cloud is gaining ground within the legal industry, but not all cloud services are built the same. When considering client data security & legal ethics, some cloud services should be avoided altogether. Rekall has amassed years of experience in both the legal & I.T. industries with a heavy focus on law firm technologies, securities & cloud services. This CLE will offer a definition of “The Cloud” as it pertains to law firms and the legal industry with a focus on cloud security, client data security ethics, and a review of cloud services both suitable and un-suitable for the law firms.


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The Ethics Surrounding Ransomware & Firm Data Protection
2 Credits / Ethics

Ransomware is a worldwide issue and it is affecting unsuspecting law firms each and every day. Ransomware halts law firm productivity to a standstill, encrypting firm documents and forcing law firms to pay ransoms upwards of $4,000. It’s not a virus, it’s not malware, and it’s not spyware. Conventional means cannot remediate Ransomware. What can law firms do to avoid this disaster? Within this Rekall Legal Technologies CLE, Rekall will be discussing what Ransomware is, where many people feel it comes from, why people feel specific companies and industries are being targeting, and how to avoid this technological nightmare. We will discuss the many forms of security involved in avoiding Ransomware as well as implementation details. Speakers for this CLE are actual technicians that have dealt with Ransomware removal, remediation and payment. They will offer a real world education regarding what to expect in a Ransomware situation and share their experiences.


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The Lawyer's Guide to Technology
2 Credits / Professional Responsibility

Technology is ever changing within the legal industry. This CLE covers basic technologies that all law firms cannot operate without. Think of it as a guide to technology in general for the tech savvy and technically challenged. Information found in this CLE is based on real world experiences that the Rekall technicians has experiences working within the legal technology field during the past 10 years. Solutions and ideas found in this CLE will not only offer a basic education that attorneys need to grow, but is based on I.T. best practices upholding ethical guidelines that attorneys must uphold while protecting client their data.


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Law Firm Client Data Security Fundamentals
2 Credits / Professional Responsibility

This guide organizes in detail technology solutions both acceptable and not acceptable for today’s law firm practice, and also offers information based on experience on the part of the presenter in real-world terms regarding pitfalls that some technologies offer as well as security holes in regard to client data. It is the definitive guide outlining traditional non-cloud IT standards for law firms operating in the modern day.


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